Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Day

I was scheduled for a CT scan this AM, so couldn't eat or drink after midnight. In the AM my doctor Lachance came in to see me and I asked him about having a port installed for the chemo.

So they set me up to have the port put in and then have the CT scan. I went to the hospital next door...through the maze of tunnels in the subterranean area of the interesting ride. The doctors (or techs) I'm not sure which, installed a power will sit right below the skin in my upper right chest. This is where they will access my veins for chemo and they can also use it for other tests, which reduces the number of "sticks" I'll have to have.

Then it was back to my room, transfer back to my bed, and start drinking the barium crap you have to consume before the CT scan. Sandy arrived and encouraged me through the second bottle of that vile stuff. Then I had to transfer from my bed to the gurney, to go to CT. Once there it was transfer from the gurney to the CT table...notice a trend here? I had a workout!

When it was time to transfer back to the gurney to go back to my room...I foolishly grabbed the rail with my right hand and pulled myself onto the gurney, mostly be using my strength in my right arm...totally fogetting that I had just had a port installed in that area! OUCH!!

Back to the room, transfer back to bed and I basically collapsed there as we waited for the nurse to come from Dr. Lachance's office to go over the paperwork for the chemo program. He and she arrived at 4pm and she went over the information with us. I was glad Sandy was there, she knew what questions to ask and I just laid there and listened, with my eyes closed. Then it was time to sign on the bottom line and the deed is done!

Dr. Lachance was kidding me about my blog and told Wendy, the nurse, to watch out or I would write her up! SHOUT OUT TO WENDY! She was wonderful...just like her boss Dr. Lachance...the whole group is fantastic from what I can see! So there!

After that my supper came...I had not had anything to eat since supper last night and nothing to drink since one last sip of gingerale at 11:30. I went in to use the pottie and felt nauseous. Sandy went and got me some gingerale and some saltines...that helped settle my stomach. I had to have that before I could eat anything on the tray. I did manage to have a few slices of chicken, mashed potato, sweet potato and gravy. Had a little apple crisp and a carton of milk. It wasn't everything...but it was a good amount, for me.

Dr. Lachance says that as the fluid comes off my lungs and abdomen I will feel more like eating. He's right I bet...right now I eat a bit and fill up fast. Feel like I have no room for anything else.

My feet, ankles and legs are almost totally back to normal. My abdomen has decreased since my first admission, but it is still pretty bloated.

The big thing with me right now is going to be working on overcoming my fear of being alone at night at home. Dr. Lachance says I will probably go home on Wednesday and Sandy will be there. I know Jean will come and stay sometimes when Sandy is working...but I really have to get passed this fear. I think I was so traumatized the last two nights at home (and oddly enough, the worst night I wasn't even alone...Sandy was there)....that I can't seem to get that sick feeling out of my mind when I think about going home.

I don't want to be afraid of my own house...but that's how I feel now. I'm sure this will pass. I hope so anyway...I can't stand being a wuss.

So, that's the big report for today...suffice it to say I was very busy today...and am just pooped now. I stayed up late last night, couldn't calm down after that Huskies win over Oklahoma...I was so excited! WHAT A GAME!! They are going to go all the way....barring injury. They are still a bit thin on the bench, but with Heather Buck returning to the team and Kaili playing like she did last night....

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

"as the fluid comes off my lungs and abdomen I will feel more like eating. "

'Scuuuuse me, that kinda sounds like the bypass/lap band principle at work. You can handle this gig! LOL

You're in my thoughts...sending all those positive vibes your way.