Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Day of Chemo...and all's well!

Well, I'm lying here like the queen....all showered up, clean undies and just waiting on my last bag of chemo. That should take about another half hour and then we should be GOOD TO GO!

I'll be home for dinner, hopefully. I don't know how tired I'll be today so I making this entry now, in case I don't feel like going on line tonight.

Oh...and the Huskies are playing Holy Cross tonight on trust me, I won't be going on line tonight to post in any damned blog!

Take care all...thanks for all the good thoughts, they helped me FLY through the what they say is the worst day of chemo...the first day.

Now I will take my anti-nausea drugs faithfully. I may have some aches and pains in my long bones in a couple of days, like the flu and I will be tired. Hopefully, that will be it.

So I go back to see Dr. Lachance on the 17th and my next chemo is scheduled for the day after Christmas...they moved it from the day BEFORE Christmas which would have been a bummer.

Smooth sailing from now on...that's how I feel and that's what I believe is going to happen!

Take care folks, thank again! I really, really appreciate all you have been doing on my behalf.

GO HUSKIES!!!!!!! Go "Little Caballito!!!" Congrats on the six year DIRT DOG!!!

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MarieS said...

Annie, I have been thinking of you and am glad the ZAPPING of the bad stuff has begun!!! How many sessions will it take before you start not having the fluids made by the remaining little tumors?? I have a blue hat just like the one I already sent you, and I will have a pink nightcap finished by the weekend so I will send those together. I will enclose the game tickets in a Christmas card rather than the hat package, just might be safer mailing.