Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Got home around 6pm last night, Carol rushed over a bowl of hot, homemade turkey soup, just in time, before I got sick from hunger.

Watched the first half of the Husky Holy Cross game (or should I say "debacle?") and went up to bed to watch the second half. I shut out the light at 9:30 and went to sleep.

I woke up around 2:00 to find Bubbles sleeping on top of the covers, on my stomach! She has never done that before! I started laughing and then had to disturb her because she was putting so much pressure on my bladder I had to pee!

When I got back to bed the trouble started. I couldn't get comfortable. I tried lying on each side, no soap. I finally got settled on the pillows on my back and slowly drifted off to sleep.

I got up again around 6:00 and my abdomen felt I lifted my shirt and looked at my belly in the mirror. Sure enough! My stomach is looking like a wrinkled balloon! This means that the fluid is coming off my abdomen, just like they have been telling me! The chemo is doing it...and it's happening faster than either I or Sandy expected! This is good news as the fluid that ended up in my lungs came from the fluid in my if the belly fluid is going away...I don't have to worry about it ending up in the lungs again!

I'm taking my anti nausea drugs religiously. I DON'T want to me!

I ended up staying in bed until almost noon...Sandy brought me my protein drink and I had that in bed. I caught up on the news on CNN..which is a habit I got into while in the hospital. Then I watched some other stuff and finally got my ass out of bed, because Lynne was due to arrive.

Lynne showed up at noon, bearing won ton soup...which was yummy! She stayed with me while Sandy and the Russells ran lots of errands. Lynne was good with me, she'd make me shut up and shut my eyes and take a break...which is good, because I get run down easily.

I'm flushing the fluids through me as ordered. I have to push at least 60 oz of fluids, which I used to do regularly before I got ill..but I've had a hard time keeping hydrated by mouth sick I've been sick. But today, for some's been I know it's my job now to be properly hydrated.

I feel so good about what's happening..I have my doctor to thank, my favorite RN, Miss Marcia, for pushing the drugs through me for the first time (a good omen to me) and all of you for all your good thoughts, well-wishes and yes, prayers....I really feel the blessings you are sending my way.

I envision the drugs as little gladiators with shiny helmets and long spears...I sent them out to track down the cancer cells and attack the ones that are acting up. There was a skirmish I definitely felt in my right lower quadrant...where the bad ovary used to be. The rest of the gladiators subdued the other bad cells and have now coated them with a sticky substance (in my mind) to keep them from growing/spreading. They are now standing guard, waiting for the next treatment when we will do some more attacking and some removal of dead cancer cells.

I plan to pee the bad cells out and right into my septic system, where they belong!

Thanks everyone for all the cards, emails, notes, gifts and thought waves...I am so lucky to have you all as friends.

Now I'm going to enjoy other people's problems on Nanny 911.

Nighty night!

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