Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

I didn't sit on the jury, didn't hear the evidence and don't have an opinion.  Lots of other folks seem to feel they have some inside poop though. What is it about this case that has created such a stir in the US?  You would think it was a sporting event, the way people were fighting for seats, the tv coverage, etc.

Watching the Sox beat the Jays....and feeling great.  I worked out today, came home and took the doggies for a swim in the pool, nice!  Then I loaded up Truman and Rocket and went to Backus to pick up Sandy.  We took the dogs to Deb Saunders for their PT appointments and then hit Harry's on the way home.  I had a hot lobster roll that was fabulous!  The best around I swear.

I'm feeling pretty good lately.  I started the green smoothie routine and have lost three pounds in the past week.  Nice!   I decided that my system can't handle using kale in the smoothie thought...too much roughage for my delicate constitution.  I've been spending my nights in the bathroom again.  Can't afford to get back into that routine.  I guess I'll have to stick to spinach (yum), lettuce, parsley and other green leafy things for now.

We are headed to Dummerston VT this weekend, for an agility trial.  We love going up there, it's at a campground so we can park the RV right near the ring...so convenient.  We'll be seeing some old pals up there and Hopie said maybe she and Mary would come down to visit.  Hopie is an old Army buddy and we were recently reunited via Facebook after not hearing from each other since the mid 80's!  I love Facebook for that reason...I have been reunited with so many old friends...it's wonderful.

Speaking of old friends, I went to our class reunion Saturday night with my cousin Fran.  It was WONDERFUL being out on the town with Fran again.  We used to hang out all the time when we were kids, I've missed her so.   We saw quite a few old friends from our class and the class before us, who shared their reunion with our class.  I saw people I haven't seen since we graduated...in 1967!   We didn't have a huge turnout and I hope we can do it again next year for our "real" reunion.  It will be our 45th!  It doesn't seem real.

Anyway, had lots of laughs with old friends and caught up with quite a few of them.  We had a great time and closed the place down...well, not really, but we were among the diehards who stayed late.  It was a wonderful evening.

No fireworks next door this year, thanks to Carol who spoke to them about how we feel about the annual celebration.  They would shoot off fireworks and we would have to close all windows, run the AC and put the tv up loud...oh, and pull all the blinds....to decrease the stimulation for Bubbles.  She would be beside herself all night.  Carol and Mark would have to put their dogs in the car and ride around for two hours until the celebration was over.

The next day the neighbor would come into our yard and pick up all the pieces of cardboard from the fireworks to be a "good neighbor"....you should see the size of the stuff they would pick up!  Big hunks of stuff.  Last year I was out on the deck and heard this big THUNK...it was a big piece of cardboard  hitting our glass table on the deck!   I thought it would break the glass!

So, this year cooler heads prevailed and we are grateful for that.  There were some stray booms from other neighbors and it freaked Bub out, but at least the explosions weren't right next door!

Now my tummy is upset...ugh.   I am very tired, I think that makes me sick.  When will I learn?  Never.

Time to shut off the computer and go up to bed.  Early.  I need to do this more often.  No more staying up to midnight.

Nighty night!

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