Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm watching hockey for the first time in my life since the famous USA over Russia game in the many years ago.  But this year the Bruins are in the finals and the games have been interesting.  Maybe as I age I don't mind the lack of scoring....I can appreciate the battle going on between the two goalies; I don't always need ACTION and SCORES.'s been fun watching it.

We had early Father's Day last weekend.  Maria came down Friday and we went up to get Bob and Wini on Saturday to come to the house to stay over.  Saturday I took Wini clothes shopping at Kohl's--her first time in the store.  I got her to try on crop pants which she swore she would never wear...well, she bought a pair of them.  It was hard finding her size...she's an 8 or 10 petite.  We found some tops and two pairs of pants.

Maria stayed at the house with Bob, who was happy to see Wini when we returned.  I don't think he was always remembering where he was and who Maria was.  He did all right though.

Steve came on Sunday and we all went back to Kohls after having a "picnic lunch" to buy sneakers for Bob.  Steve and Maria helped Bob pick out some walking shoes that look fashionable.  Oh, Maria and I took Bob and Wini to church in the AM, dropped them off, went to the flea market and then it was time to go pick them up again.  Bob looked spiffy some of the new clothes I got him, new slacks and nice blue and with striped shirt.  He insists on wearing a suit coat.  Oh's what he wants.

Saturday night Bob got out of bed after a particularly close lightning strike.  I heard him and Wini talking and then he opened our bedroom door and then closed it.  I went out and found him confused in the bedroom and Wini was trying to talk to him.  When he saw me he seemed to realize that he wasn't home.  I took him in the bathroom as I thought that's what he was looking for.  He told me he wanted to go to I took him back into bed, tucked him in and kissed him on the head-told him nighty night.  Didn't hear a peep out of him the rest of the night.  Poor guy.  Wini said he was sitting in my office chair out in the hall as he didn't know what door to go into, all of them were closed.

Wini still doesn't accept how impaired Bob's memory is.  She has very unrealistic expectations and gets upset when Bob doesn't remember or is unable to do what she wants.  I told her that even though it mostly means that she is going to have to do tasks herself, it is easier for her to do them then it is to expect Bob to be able to do them.  She agreed....let's see if she remembers.  I don't think she will.

One thing I'll say about hockey, you can write an entry in a blog like this while you are watching the's like baseball in that regard I guess.

We got the RV back from the shop yesterday.  It's great seeing it out in the driveway again.  I vacuumed it out, put sheets on the bed and got the fridge started up today.  We are taking it to Greenfield MA this weekend for an agility trial.  Hope it doesn't seems like everytime we go to Greenfield there are wicked t-storms.

Rocky killed a squirrel in the yard today.  He's not that good at killing things efficiently...he grabbed it by the tail and shook it.  It didn't die and he went nuts on it...shaking it.  I was hoping Bubbie would take it from him...she knows how to kill things swiftly, silently and efficiently.  Rocky will learn.  I finally got them to come in the yard and I went out and got the poor thing and dumped it in the trash.  It was a big 'un.

Therapy appointment and work tomorrow.  Then home to pack up for Friday's trip.   FUN FUN FUN!


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