Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hey, look!   A second blog posting in less than three months!  Ha ha.

Just wanted to wish all a HAPPY and SAFE Thanksgiving   The weather is going to be rather nasty today and tonight, so if you are careful!

We got the trees in the yard trimmed and several cedars cut down yesterday.  Which meant that the dogs were all wound up...most of the day.  There were two guys and big pieces of loud equipment roaming around the premises and they were SURE that we would all be they made me aware of every movement out there.

This would have been fine, if I wasn't on the phone for about three hours, with the people from Apple Care, trying to get my laptop straightened out.  The problem was such that a supervisor (who had a nasty cold and was irritated right from the start) had to get on the line with me.  In between the sound of chain saws and dogs barking hysterically, and the guy's snuffing, snarking, coughing  and blowing his nose, we got most of it straightened out.  What an ordeal!   I want to point out that I talked with three different people before I got the supervisor and all of them were so pleasant to talk to...and then he came along.  I could feel myself getting sucked into his negative vortex, but I really needed to get the computer working right.  So, I worked really hard to jolly him along, and was successful.  

I treated him the way he should have been treating me.  Funny how that happens more and more lately.

Yesterday I was miserable, physically.  Everything was aching and sore.  My mouth has sores in it from the medicine (I guess I am getting the clinical trial drug...a placebo wouldn't make these kind of sores) and my throat was hurting.  My side/kidney still hurt, my back hurt, I was just miserable.  Then the neighbors decide to burn up a huge pile of junk from the storms and the smoke rushed into our yard and stayed there.  I couldn't take a full breath without coughing and I could feel the congestion in my chest. 

It was hard to figure out if I was having reactions to the chemo drugs, a cold/allergy attack, or residual from the excessive workout at the gym on Sunday...or all three.

I took Zyrtek D last night and felt better.  I called the neighbor who likes to burn things and asked him to try to control the smoke, he apologized.  I do have a call in to the nurse at Women and Infant's but I doubt I'll be here when they finally call back.  Good thing I have Kathleen at Dr. Galan's office if I REALLY had a problem!

Okay, I'm off to take a shower, pick up my pies, see my therapist, pick up Sandy at work and then down we go to Jean's for Thanksgiving.

Have a great holiday!   Remember, no fighting with family's so NOT WORTH IT!


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