Saturday, May 15, 2010 sooner had I signed off on my blog entry last night and my phone was my cousin, Frannie Blanchette! She lives in South Carolina and I hadn't seen her since our 30th high school reunion in '97. Well, she was in Putnam, as her mother was hospitalized.

Fran had some time today and wanted to come for a visit, was it okay? WAS IT OKAY???!!! OF COURSE, it was GREAT!

So, she showed up around 10 and we had a great time visiting out on the deck. Bubbles nipped at her pant leg, but no harm, no foul! Later, Bubbie was trying to climb up on her lap!

It was so great seeing Frannie and having the chance to chat like that....I can't tell you how happy it made me. It was just what the doctor didn't make up for the disappoinment of yesterday.

See...there's the yin and yang of life...right in a nutshell!

Jean came up today too, arriving just after Fran. So, she visited with us on the deck too. She came to help Sandy shovel topsoil from the truck load she had delivered yesterday. Sandy got a late start with that project, but they did manage to spread a bit of soil out on the lawn.

After Fran left, I got busy assembling the martin house I had bought. I put that together..(it looks like a barn...pretty neat) and then I dug a hole for the pole and cemented the base of the pole into the ground. That job is done! Tomorrow I'll put the rest of the pole up with the house on it and we are ready for business. It was last year around this time that I saw the martins in our yard. I'm hoping that the house gets them to stay, instead of going up on Chesnut Hill Road, where they went last year.

Tomorrow I may go to Tommy and Diane's marriage vow renewal ceremony or I may go to Putnam for the Moylan girl's mother's wake. Or I may do both, depending on how I'm feeling. I had a bit of energy today, so we will see.

Sandy and I met Jo-Ann on the dock in Belize when we went on the cruise. I knew her sister, Terry. It was so strange, meeting like that in a country so far away. Well...little did I know at the time that another of Jo-Anne's sisters is Pam Bartomeoli!....Pam and I worked together at Dempsey! Stranger than fiction!

I hear the strains of "It's a Small World After All..." playing in the background, yet again!

Watching the Sox now and relaxing after a good day's work and a wonderful time with my cousin.....LIFE IS GREAT!!!

Nighty night!

PS....the Baltimore Oriole was on the deck railing this AM, eating the orange I put out there for him. I'm hoping the oranges, grape jelly and suet I put out for him keeps him here. We have loads of brightly colored gold finches, a few rose-breasted grosbeaks; bluebirds and hummingbirds coming....if we add the purple martins and orioles as regular visitors, it would be WONDERFUL!

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