Thursday, May 20, 2010

Okay, I've been officially humbled by this chemo. I got the news this AM that my ANC (Absolute Neutrafil Count) was only 1000 and it needs to be 1500. So, I don't go tomorrow for my last chemo. I will try again next week.

This happened once last year...I had to wait six weeks. Who the hell was I to think it wouldn't happen this year? I guess chemo showed me who's boss!

So, I will still have nine weeks to get in shape. Big WHUP!

And this means that I will be in good shape this week to get my planting done.

On other notes....the Richard Blumenthal thing. I think it's much ado about nothing. He said he served in the reserves during the Vietnam Era. That's what they call it when you served during a certain time. When I went to Basic Training I served in the "Vietnam Era" even though Vietnam had been evacuated a year before I went into the service. That is the official designation for that time period. He didn't make that term up...I didn't make it up. I got some benefit from this...I got to claim that service time when I retired. It counted towards my time in state service. Was that wrong? I never served in Vietnam.

I think that people are grabbing at straws to try to discredit this guy...who has been one of the best public servants this state has ever had...and that's saying a lot.

A baltimore oriole has taken up residence somewhere around in this yard. He was clinging to the window on the garage door. So I put up newspaper to block his reflection. Well, today I took the chair cushions out of the garage and put them out on the deck chairs. I forgot to shut the door to the garage. Well, you can guess the next. Yep! He was in the garage, flying around by my car and flying at the window on the other side of the garage, trying to get out. I opened the big garaage door and out he went.

I've been putting out halves of oranges, suet and the grape jelly to attract him,l guess I've been sucessful.

Janet and Jeremy helped me put up the purple martin birdhouse out back....let's hope we are as sucessful attracting them to the yard as we have been with the orioles and hummingbirds!

Oh, I didn't get to go to Tommy and Diane's vow renewal ceremony as I hoped. My ride, Charmine, ended up getting sick. I also had to drive to Putnam to a wake and to take my Dad and Wini out to dinner. I couldn't see myself being able to drive to New London in the afternoon and up to Putnam in the just wasn't in the cards.

I took Bob and Wini out to the Mexican place in Putnam. Bob and I got the burritos and Wini got enchaladas. They went home with three doggie bags...hope they had some good lunches!

An old pal, Frannie Johnson, is coming to visit us on Sunday. Can't wait to see her! It's been too long since I last saw her. It will be good to catch up on the latest.

I'm going to take it easy this week, enjoy the sun, plant my tomatoes and my herb and salsa gardens. I may pick up some petunias to plant in tOthe planters out front.
Other than that, I plan on relaxing, reading my books on my Kindle and enjoying the weather, whatever the weather turns out to be.

I've been humbled by chemo and I ain't gonna fight it. I'm along for the ride!


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