Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday and my counts are still down...I'll flip counts are up...but not yet high enough. So, we are going to go up to Providence tomorrow AM, get the bloodwork done again and wait for the verdict. Sandy and I think it's worth the risk...I have a history of having my counts come way up between Wednesday (which is when I had it done) and Friday.

I just want to get this last damned chemo done and start my "strengthening program" to get me in shape for Sweden, the garden and other things!

Yesterday, in addition to getting my bloodwork done, I did loads of errands, all over SE CT. Went out to Old Mystic to drop off three poop specimens to our vet's for analysis (or whatever sick use they were going to make of them); then to get gas; then a leisurely ride through the back roads to RTE 201 (another back road actually, but one with a route number) to Ocean State Job Lot to get grass seed....good sale; then to Kohl's to get a Shark Steamer to clean the floors.

I hit the jackpot with Kohl's...I had a 30% off card that came in the I went nuts. Got the Shark; a iPod/iPhone speaker system...sounds AWESOME!; a new electric tooth brush to replace the old, decrepit one; some jewelry-necklace and bracelet; a pair of slacks--which, when I got home I found that I already have---which shows you how out of hand my shopping has become; and some other odds and ends. Spent over $500! With the 30% off it came down to just over $300 and I got $70 of "Kohl's Cash" to boot! Good day of shopping!

Tonight we go to Lynne's for our "Ladies Night Out." It'll be great to see the gang there and to catch up on things. Tonight the "girls" get to meet Franklin, Lynne and David's new dog....who is a SUPER SWEETHEART!!!

Can't wait!

Now I'll go take a nap, get up and shower, feed the dogs and wait for Sandy to come home....oh, and take my energy drink.

Tomorrow....we WILL accomplish our GOAL!!!

Nighty night!

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Marieps said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you today!

Hey, I got a 30% coupon from kohls too! But I won't use it cuz it would be online and I'd have to pay their ridiculous shipping charge.