Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well, it's Sunday night, I'm watching the Sox play the Yankees, again....but this time they are far!

Youk just hit another one! Pedroia scores....7-2 Sox! YAY!!!

Anyway, Sandy was gone this weekend, to a trial in Westfield MA, taking Truman and Bubbles with her. Since they were camping and it was going to be raining and windy, I kept Rocky home with Lily and me. I'm glad I did. It would have been too much for Sandy to take care of all of them...Bubbles started freaking out over the thunder and Rocky would have been hurting in the cold and damp. It rained a lot and was freezing last night Sandy said.

A huge tent blew way up in the air and across the field. People came running over to Sandy's tent as they thought she had been hit...the tent landed about 20 feet from her tent. She has a thing about flying tents....another one almost hit her last night and one time, at a trial in Wrentham a huge club tent went flying and did hit her...she wasn't hurt, but another woman who was near her was and they had to call an ambulance for her. I don't think Sandy should be around tents if it's going to be windy.

She said the wind was so bad last night there was a few times she thought our tent was going to go flying...with her, the dogs and all the equipment in it!

Rocky and I snuggled in the bed with the windows opening, listening to the wind howl and glad we weren't sleeping in a damned tent!!

Of course, that was after we watched Saturday Night Live, which featured Betty White as the weekly guest! SHE WAS FANTASTIC!!! I laughed so was like old times when I used to watch SNL when they had Dan Ackroyd, Gilda, Jane, Lorraine, Steve Martin, Chevy, Billy Murray, Garrett Morris et al. Back in the old days, when we memorized every line. That was the good old days.

I promise I won't now go on a rant about "the good old days"....people always long for the "good old days", thinking it was all about green stamps, skate keys, rabbit ears, Bob Hope, wax lips, etc. They forget the segregation; how women were treated, how gays were treated, etc....the important stuff. I'd rather have my civil rights than have my Buster Browns back!

Okay..I promised and then I broke it.

So, I have gotten over myself about not getting chemo on Friday. Yesterday I stayed home with Lily and Rocky as it was raining hard and Lily got all freaked out about the thunderstorms that kept circling around in the late morning--early afternoon. At one point Lily wanted to go out and I didn't trust her, so I went out with was raining lightly. She did just what I suspected she would do...checked the fence, looking for a way to escape. As Sandy said when I told her about it "that's the flaw in her thinking." When it is thundering...she thinks about running.

Anyway, I was getting her to come into the house when all of a sudden I hear this CRACK! and I see a quick flash of light...I looked towards Cliff and Kathy's house and just as I did the thunder rolled LOUD!!! I kept calm and got Lily to get inside. That was close! I haven't been that close to a lightning strike since the A/C unit behind my office in the Army got hit. That one scared the crap out of me...yesterday I didn't even jump. Hmmmmmmmm.....

I felt like we were having a party. I turned on all the lights downstairs and pulled all the blinds. This is so Lily couldn't see the flash of lightning. She can't hear that great anymore, so that isn't so much of a problem. I made her stop lying in the living room where she could look down the hall to the windows by the front door (which are uncovered)....and move to the middle of the living room floor. I sang to her and put the tv on to mask the noise outside...she fell asleep.

I was supposed to go to Jean's to pick up two lobsters she had bought for me, but I felt sick and I didn't want to leave Lily and I didn't want to drive her down there...Jean called and I told her that I would come down on Sunday. Of course, she had other plans...she and Frank drove the lobsters up here to me and then went to Occum and got supper for us! We ate, visited for awhile and then they headed out and I headed up to bed.

I sat up in bed, resting and gradually feeling better and by the time SNL came on I was feeling pretty good.

This morning I got up around 9 and fed Lil and Rocky and Murph and then made corn pancakes for myself...complete with the molasses butter! YUM! Afterwards I felt sick again...dragged myself upstairs and slept until 2pm! WHAT THE HELL??!!!

Sandy texted me and suggested I have the energy drink...which I did have...that helped me feel a lot better. She thinks maybe my red cell count is down too and that I need to keep eating to feel better. YIKES!!! I'm already back up to 154lbs!

I do have to admit that the energy drink did help. I think I'm eating enough...I had a lobster roll and broiled asparagus (from my garden) for supper. I'll keep taking the drink...that won't add pounds.

After I took the drink I was able to change the sheets...I had cut myself last night and didn't realize it..had bled all over the sheets before I noticed. I did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms upstairs and downstairs. Then I thought of Pam Childs telling me not to overdo I sat down and read the paper.

Sandy and the doggies are home safe and sound. I'm watching the Sox beat the Yanks (finally!) and soon it will be time to climb the stairs to go to bed. That sounds good.

Tomorrow I think I will vacuum downstairs. Hope the weather is nice so maybe I can sit out on the deck for breakfast and lunch. Sandy goes in at 3am tomorrow morning so she will be home around noon. YAY!

Nighty night!

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