Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay, I will admit it. I got snippy this AM when I found out that I couldn't get chemo.

We drove all the way out to Providence and got there for 8am. Jean came up at 6:30 to stay with the dogs, so they wouldn't have to go in their kennels. That was so sweet.

Anyway, we got there, I picked up my lab slip and went down to get the blood drawn. Then I came back upstairs, sat in the freezing waiting room (the temp is set at 55 degrees) and waited. About an hour later Anne Marie came out to give me the bad white cell count had actually DROPPED since Wednesday! Here I was so confident that I would be good to go.

So, we had to go cancel my CT Scan that was scheduled for Monday...which is a good thing, I had no idea how I was going to get to that appointment, although I have plenty of friends who would give me a ride. I just hadn't arranged my transportation.

I had told Sandy that if it was a "no go" for today, our consolation prize would be a trip to the Cinnabon at the mall and get a cinnamon bun. Well...Anne Marie broke the news to me that the place is closed! DOH! Cursed all the way around!

So, we pretty much drove home in silence. Me getting irritated with Sandy's driving and her yawning. I feel guilty every time she yawns and then I get pissed. I dunno why. It's enough that I'm aware of my feelings. She wanted to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts, which we did and I took over driving. It was my car, I was entitled...and I felt better about our chances of getting home in one piece.

We went to the bakery in town when we got home and I went nuts buying loaves of bread, donuts and pastries for Jean and I to consume in large quantities! She loves their donuts.

When we got home I went up to bed with Bub and Rocket and took a long nap. Felt a whole lot better when I got up...adjusted my attitude.

So, now I'm looking forward to my last chemo Friday.

Oh, and I realized that if I get the chemo next Friday I will have 10 weeks to get in shape for the trip to all is good.

The weekend is going to be sunny. We're going to do yard work tomorrow and then Sandy is going to an agility trial on Sunday. I'll stay home with Lily. Maybe some friends will drop by...if they are in the if you're reading this, and you are in the neighborhood...come by and we'll chat on the deck!

Sox leading 5-1 thanks to Big Papi's huge blast in the first and a solo shot later. HE'S BAAAAAAACCCKKKKK!!!! YAY!!!

Nighty night!


Sue said...

Gee, I don't have to GET irritated with anyone. I wake up irritated and then pick out someone to blame it on.

Acceptance is a bitter pill to swallow but I'm working on it! ROFL67801DC,KS

Carol said...

Wow, I'm watching the sun come up over the mountain here in Tn and hoping you also get sun today...wishing I was closer and could pop over for a donut on your deck...Enjoy!! and best of luck for next week Annie!