Thursday, May 6, 2010

DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I have to admit, I'm bummed. Went out to Providence today to see the doctor and have my blood work done. When I got home I got a call from Anne-Marie and I knew that it wasn't good news. They only call when there's a problem.

Sure enough, my platelets are way down and I can't have my last chemo tomorrow. DAMN! I was SO looking forward to getting that done and over with.

Oh well...such is life. I had a sneaking suspicion that my counts were off. I've been feeling so rotten the past few days, I've been bruising easy and bleeding easy (and having trouble stopping the bleeding)...all indications that the counts are off.

I was right.

So, I'm on tap for next Friday. Sandy was taking tomorrow she will work tomorrow and will take next Friday off.

Dorothy and Jean took me to the appointment today and afterwards we went to the Country Curtains shop in Warwick. Haven't been to one of those stores in ages...the last one I went to was the original store, in Stockbridge. I saw some nice comforters there...maybe someday.

We also went to a women's clothing store, I'm drawing a blank on the name right now...Cohoes or something like that. Anyway, I tried on some four inch heels and Dorothy stuck right beside me to catch me if I fell! HOW THE HELL do they walk in those things?

Then we went down the highway to the Olive Garden in Warwick...and I have to say I was disappointed. The Olive Garden in Waterford is SO MUCH better! They don't have the seafood dish I used to love. I got the shrimp and tomato angel hair pasta dish in a garlic butter sauce. Disappointing. Even the salad and the bread sticks weren't as good as our local Olive Garden. I won't be going to that one again.

HOME RUN VICTOR MARTINEZ!!!!! Boston now behind 4-2. YEOWWW!!!

Can you tell I'm multi-tasking? Yep, watching the game as I type. Oh, and eating chocolate ice cream. I'm so damned talented.

So tomorrow I'm just going to relax. I've already ironed Sandy's slacks for next week, did loads of laundry, including the new 400 count sheets I got for our bed (in chocolate---which seems to be a theme with me lately) and swept the floor today. I suppose I'll probably clean downstairs tomorrow if I have any energy.

I set up my new composting bin outside and threw a bunch of stuff in. I have to get Sandy into putting her scraps, tea bags, etc into my container, so I have more stuff to put in the big bin. I got the bin on sale at the Tractor Supply store last week. It's can roll it to get the stuff inside to mix up. I put it on the outside of the fence, but Sandy didn't like it there...didn't want the skunks to get into it (how they would get their little hands up there to spin the top open I don't know) so I moved it.

Sandy doesn't "get it" about composting. She has a garden but doesn't compost. She plants flowers but doesn't mulch. I mulch and she pooh-poohs it. Later, she begins to understand. I'm hoping that this dynamic, which has been repeated SO MANY times in our relationship, is repeated yet again with the compost.

I need to concentrate on this game. The Sox are behind and Dice-K is looking a bit better now. I'm going into rally mode...which has served us well so far this week.


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