Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not much going on here, except more snow that we don't really want, or need. I suppose if we have a drought this summer, I'll be regretting that last sentiment. That's the breaks. Deanna and Lorraine came by Sunday. I took the opportunity to get out. I drove down to Norwich and we picked up pizza and brought it home for lunch. Of course, Maria called me while we were out and now thinks that I'm out galavanting all over town!

It was nice visiting with those two gals! They had gone on an eagle watch and had some great pics and videos. I downloaded them onto my computer. A cormorant had dropped a fish and two eagles were fighting over it. I tried to post it here, but for some reason it won't. I'll try again another time. Bummer...it's a great video.

The Husky guys are coming back with a vengeance! They have won three in a row now, including over #3 Villanova and #7 WVa...which was the game last night. I'm hoping they pull the comeback of the decade and win the Big East and go far in the NCAA tourney. I have two dogs sleeping on my lap. The same two who were snuggled up to me all night. Bubbles and Rocky, of course! Bubbles still growls at Rocky and is very possessive of me, but I note that once Rocky gets in the bed, she snuggles up to him, just as she snuggles up to me. It's sweet, really. I haven't watched much of the Olympics the past few days...I'll have to check out the American hockey team. They beat Canada the other night...maybe they'll keep on going. Now I'm listening to Howard on the computer....later I'll read some more of Ozzie's biography. I'm too cool for school.... Later!

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