Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nine, nine, nine,nine,nine, let's sing a song of nine!

That's my CA125 level! NINE!!! Anything under 30 is considered normal!
After I heard that news I felt a great weight lift and I was so ENERGIZED! And HAPPY!!

Jean and I high-fived and then I had my pelvic exam. Everything "felt normal" according to Betsy, the Nurse Practitioner.

They are concerned about my diarrhea. So, they are giving me a prescription for.....get this.....Tincture of Opium! Jean and I both gasped aloud when Dr. McCourt said this. I said, "sounds sinister," while Jean was thinking of a Chinese opium den, with the pot or whatever it is, with the hoses coming out of it.

Anyway, obviously they think they need the "big guns." We'll see how that goes.

I can't operate heavy machinery when I take driving. Given my history of getting loopy on the mildest of drugs like that, I think I should avoid the blender!

I came home and the diarrhea started up again....I went to bed and slept for a few hours. I'm hoping they can stop this diarrhea and I can get some sleep.

They think this problem is more related to my gastric by-pass and not the cancer, chemo, etc. It is a rare side effect of one of the chemicals I'm getting. So, hopefully, it is happening just because my system got all riled up and when it calms down it will cease.

I don't really mind it now...just knowing that my cancer level is so low puts me in a place where I can tolerate anything!

Nighty night!

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Carol said...

FANTASTIC NEWS ANNIE!!!! I'm so glad you got good news, we were hoping and praying for ya! Now if they could find a way to make the poops stop, you've got it made....this is most likely why you are so tired all the time too.