Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunny Sunday....again!

Up and busy early....feeding the dogs, vacuuming the house and getting the kayak out. Barb came and we loaded the kayak on her truck and then we were off to Hopeville to meet the gals.

We paddled across the pond and got as far as the Pachaug River when the gals got tired so we turned around and headed back. We were out there for about two hours.

Charmine, Pat, Deanna and Lorraine came back to the house and we cooked out. Hamburgers, salad, corn on the cob and baked beans. We had a good time eating on the deck. First time this year we were able to do that! Afterwards we all went up to Buttonwood Farm for ice cream. I can only eat half a cone, if there is such a's so rich! Then we all went our separate ways. Sandy and I wandered around Pachaug pond for a bit, checking out houses down there.

When we got home we sat out back for awhile, listening to the birds and watching the dogs running around in the yard. Truman was busy with something by the shed....Bubbles got in trouble for eating poop and ran off to the deck to sulk; Lily lay down next to us and Rocky raced around strictly for the joy of running. It was a very nice evening.

Tonight I get to bed early, I hope...and I hope I can sleep. Tomorrow Katie and the kids arrive from Phoenix. I'm going to meet Bob at the airport and then drive back to his place, following them. We can't all fit in the car together I don't think. I'll help them get settled at the hotel and then head home. Tuesday I'll go up to Bob's for breakfast with the kids and Katie....before I have to go to the doctor with Bob Miller.

So...I may not be posting here for awhile...I'll be busy with Katie and the kids and Bob...we hope to go boogey-boarding at the beach one day....and I have to take them shopping for Red Sox and Patriots and UConn gear for everyone. We're also talking about going to Gillette's Castle one day...maybe going on the steam train trip too....we'll see.

Anyway, I'll write when I come up for air!

Nighty night....

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