Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trying to catch up a bit on the kid's visit. Yesterday they came down in the AM and we went on a big shopping spree at Kohl's. I bought them shoes, socks, undies and then we starting finding bargains in tops, dresses, etc. I won't say how much I spent, but I SAVED $295!!!! WOOF! The kids were happy with their stuff though and that's what matters.

Then we came back to the house and had lunch out on the deck with Sandy, who stopped her lawn mowing long enough to join us. The kids then had fun playing with the Wii and the Rock Band games while Sandy and Bob conversed with Carol (who came over for a visit) and then Bob and Lera took a nap in my recliner while the rest of us played with the Wii Fit. Grannie Annie did the best on all of the challenges...but only because none of the rest of them had ever done the stuff before! Wii Fit age yesterday was 51!! I'm doing good. I haven't done the Wii in awhile, so I really need to get going on it again.

I made supper for everyone, they ate and then piled in Bob's car and mine (we have to take two cars wherever we go) to go for ice cream at the stand down the was pouring, so we ate inside. Then they all headed north and I went home to collapse!

They just called to let me know they are en route to my house again....we're going to go eat and then go to the aquarium, I think. We were hoping to go to Gillette's Castle for a picnic, but the weather is not the I think an indoor thing would be best.

They are coming back here to eat dinner before they head back to the hotel. I don't think Sandy is too happy about it...she was giving me the look when I was telling Bob on the phone that it was all right. Truman has surgery tomorrow and she's all worried about it. Wait...she doesn't even know if he will need surgery---he's going for his dental check-up and sometimes that means he has to have extra work done.

nyway, she has class tonight with Truman and Bubbles-she won't be home when the kids are here, if I time it right. And besides....why can't I have my family here? Her family comes here-the kids stay over and everything! It's my house too! I'm not going to let her giving me the "look" stop me from having my family here for dinner. Especially since dinner is a casserole that Mike made that we just have to heat up!

Baby Lera is warming up to me. She actually let me kiss her yesterday. And she smiles at me. She has the sweetest smile...I was laying in bed this AM (couldn't sleep) and thought of her smile and it made me smile.

We got some good pictures yesterday. When I have time I'll post some here and the whole set on Facebook.

Tomorrow I won't see them as I have chemo in the AM and will do the right thing and come right home and take a nap. I think they may go swimming somewhere--we had been talking about going to the beach tomorrow--until I remembered the chemo appt! Saturday I have to lay low maybe we'll take them swimming at Quaddick and then to the Mexican restaurant at the hotel.

I want to take Katie to see Bob Miller...we'll have to do that Saturday or Sunday. So much to do and so little time...that's the way it always is. They all fly home on Monday.

Well, I better get the car packed with my stuff.....

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