Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Katie and the kids (Mariah, Tim and Lera) arrived on time and Bob and I picked them up at the airport. We all stopped for dinner at Cindy's Diner for dinner-had a great time.

Then we got them to Putnam where they are staying at the King's Inn...which is run-down, but clean. The kids were beyond tired, so we had them go for a swim, in the hopes it would help them fall asleep. I guess that didn't work, they stayed up until 10 Katie said.

This AM I drove up to Bob's, who was making breakfast for everyone...the kids helped make the pancake batter, while Katie and I set the table. We had a great breakfast and then I had to go to Dr. Botta's office, to meet Bob Miller and Wini there. Bob had an appt with Dr. Botta and the doctor wanted me to to be there. I am now my father's conservator (should he need one).

The appointment was good news and bittersweet all at the same time. Bob Miller is doing better than I thought, but he is losing his memory faster now, as I suspected. Dr. Botta is taking good care of him and is looking to the plans that need to be made for the future. After the appt we went and got an application for Westview, so Bob can get his name on the waiting list...just in case he ever needs that level of care.

I had lost my wallet somewhere last night and was quite concerned about where it could be. I thought (and Katie did too) that I had had it when I was in the hotel room. We went back to the hotel, no soap. Well, I KNEW I had it when Mariah and I had stopped at Price Chopper in Putnam. So I went back there. Sure enough, they had it at the Customer Service desk! What honest folks there are in Putnam. I don't know where it was found...maybe I left it at the register...I had to show him my driver's license. More likely I dropped it on the way out.

That was a relief! I went up to Bob and Wini's to get a stack of New Yorkers he had for me. Then I came home...just in time for the thunderstorms.

Bubbles has a new hideout when it storms or she is afraid of fireworks...she gets in her kennel in Sandy's car! She followed me out to the garage the other day and didn't want to come back in. I was trying to figure out what she wanted and I got the bright idea to let her in the car...sure enough, she hopped right in and curled up! So, I left her out there during the fireworks. She was fine.

Sandy remembered that today when it started storming and Bub got upset. When I came in from the garage she asked me if I had seen my little pal out there....she was in the car again! Hey, it works! Good for her.

Tomorrow Bob, Katie and the kids will be here at around 10:30. We'll go shopping for Husky and Patriots gear for them at Kohl's and then they will have lunch here--Bob is bringing a casserole Mike made up for them. They can check out the house and yard and later in the afternoon it's up to Bowditch Lake to Dennis and Kathy's for a cookout. Should be fun...I hope the weather cooperates!

I'm trying to figure out how Katie can come with me Friday for my chemo appt without it involving me driving all over the place. Mayebe she could drive down here with Bob's car, come with me and then drive back. Hmmmmm.......we'll discuss it. That would mean Bob would have to take care of the kids...not that he's not capable of it....

We'll figure something out.

Nighty night...

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