Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Shoppers

Biggest thing I did today, besides sit outside in the sun on the deck, was to go to Colchester Toyota with Sandy to look at the cars.

I now have a decision to I have Sandy try to get them to reduce the price of a certain gorgeous sky blue Camry hybrid with leather package and the basic stuff I want OR do I go for the very affordable Prius (silver--no big whup) with all the stuff the Camry has + back-up camera and stability control (safety stuff)???

I think if she can't get them to come down on Option 1 I can live very well with Option 2. It's so nice to live in America...where we have options!

To show you how bad it is at car dealers...the last time I was up there they had only one Prius and were charging a $3,000 premium (price PLUS dealership cost). Now they have three new Prius and at least three used ones....and the price is about $5,000 less than what they were talking before! The Camry's are a lot cheaper too....the hybrids are a bit more, but fairly reasonable.

Oh....I spot one of those new Venza's sitting there--windows down. I get in and find the key in the ignition! I put the windows up and hide the key. I left a note shoved in the door telling them they can call me to find out where the key is hidden.

This is the second time in my life I could have driven a brand new car off the lot without paying for it. It happened once before, when I was in South Carolina. People are so careless about their jobs. You know, all they had to do was look in the key box to make sure all the keys were there.

I would LOVE a Venza...they are gorgeous and if it was a hybrid, I'd go after it BIG TIME!

When they call...if they don't find the key on their own...I'll tell them they can drop the price of that sky blue Camry $2,000 to thank me!

I'll entertain any recommendations from the Peanut Gallery regarding this car decision.

Nighty night


Toby said...

You are too funny!! Serves them right! And they should bring your price down!

SueBear said...

I thought I was bad! Well, I am..but you are an inspiration!!!! LMAO