Friday, March 20, 2009


Well, it's the first day of Spring....and the day after the Big Day! We did married yesterday...for the fourth and final damn time!

Lynne did a wonderful ceremony and I highly recommend that if you need a Justice of the Peace, you should seriously consider hiring her! She wrote stuff to say that was absolutely wonderful and so appropriate for our situation. She even downloaded music and played it for us after the ceremony...Ann Murray's "Could I Have This Dance." It was very sweet!

Afterwards we went and got Jean and then motored over to The Fisherman...for the lobster dinner we had promised Lynne as her compensation for doing the ceremony. We had a great time...the lobster was excellent and the company was fantastic! I had a glass of wine, which, coupled with my usual tiredness, put me in a semi-sleep by the time dinner was over! That's okay, I dozed a bit in the back of the car on the way home and then went right to bed.

This morning Frank and Jean came up. Jean went out in the yard and worked on hacking down brush. Frank and Sandy installed the new handrail that Frank made for the stairway. It looks like it was always there! What a great job he did. Now I will have two railings to grab onto going up and down the stairs....much safer.

Tomorrow Sandy goes to the trial with Bub and Truman...she'll be dropping Lily off at Frank and Jean's, which means it will be nice and quiet here. I can sleep until noon! YAY!! I guess I'm not THAT sick of sleeping!

Oh, we got hamburgers to go from the new place down the street....nice beef and nice buns. Well worth the charge...and so conveniently located. Sandy says it's only a quarter of a mile down the we can walk there easily....when we want to go for ice cream!

Now I'm off to take my nap.



Carol and Jim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Since I did not know this was #4, triple that wish! Wishing you both many happy years together..........Carol and Jim

Brett said...

Congratulations (again!)... may the 4th time be all the regulatory non-sense that you have!