Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Resource

New restaurant down the road....the barbecue place went out of surprise--it took FOREVER to get your food and when it came the meat was like shoe leather.

Anyhoo...there is an Italian place there now, Milano's....and it is pretty good! Mark and Carol had burgers there (angus beef) and they loved them...Mark said the rolls tasted like they were homemade and were "like butter"...he says.

We got an order of chicken parmagiana to go last night. We split it..we were full and I even had enough left over for a lunch today!

Next we'll try the pizza and grinders....although Sandy hates to give up Occum Pizza....this place is closer than driving down to Occum. It took her only one minute to go from door to door last night.

She came home all excited as she asked if they were going to be selling ice cream and they told her that starting next week they will! minute away from ice's like a dream come true!

I keep going back to that Camry and decided that despite the's my first choice. Sandy started the wheeling and dealing today, over the phone. Of course the guy immediately got the wrong car...she was talking about the light blue one and he does research on the dark blue one...which is a demo and he could knock $$ off.

We'll see.


Carol and Jim said...

That light blue one sounds dreamy to me, at least your first description. You've earned a snazzy car, don't ya think? Hope Sandy can do some magic for you.

SueBear said...

"it took FOREVER to get your food and when it came the meat was like shoe leather. "

It takes time to overcook food ya know! LOL

Brett said...

I found that walking away from the dealer twice without a deal seems to be the sweetspot - letting them know that you're checking out other dealerships, too. The second walk away almost put my guy in tears - they met the price I wanted.