Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Weekend!

Roxie ended up having to work Saturday, so she came a little later than expected. She got here, we jumped in my car and off to the casino to get Maria. We wandered around a bit, playing some slots--lost the obligatory $20....sat around a bit more to give me a break for awhile---then it was off to New London to get Ellie-Belle.

Ellen's brother in law was there, doing the plumbing to have her washer and dryer moved upstairs to the closet in the den. Good idea--no more having to go up and down the cellar stairs.

We met Lynne, David and Lynne's Mom, Elaine at Tony D's. Great time---we stayed there for about three hours! I had the "zuppa de pesce" and finished off the left-overs tonight for supper. I was a bit disappointed in the calamari---I think they have the BEST calamari--but for some reason it wasn't crispy as was kind of mushy. But, it still tasted good.

Sandy was off both days at an agility trial--taking Bub and Truman with her. Lily spent the weekend at Jean' it was a dogless house for the most part--except at night when Sandy was home with the other two. They left early (in the dark) both I got to sleep late on Saturday, with no little doggie insisting that I get out of bed!

Today we took Maria home. We went out to eat at the place around the corner. We also got to meet Joey! He is HUGE and has HUGE paws.....he's a big lug for sure. We also got to peek in at Tortie, who was lying in the front window when we walked by on the street. First time I've ever seen her, "in the flesh." She is very sweet looking.

I managed to drive all the way up and back and survived both days with the aid of bottles of the "Five Hour Energy Drink" really works for me. The only thing is it makes my face flush a bit...Lynne pointed out that my left cheek was redder than my right cheek...weird.

The latest on the car. The dealer is coming down a lot on the price. If I get the $$ from the credit union the cost for the car plus tax and title/registration will be just a hair under what I wanted to pay monthly. If the dealership can give me a lower loan rate--all the better. I am going to go for the "demo" car---which is not my first choice in color....but it is fully loaded--and that is very appealing to me.

A couple of times today cars that were that color passed us on the highway and we all agreed it was a nice color and it looks good. So that's that. Sandy will see if she can go up on Tuesday afternoon--and see if she can get a good loan rate from them.

I haven't heard from the Credit Union---I guess they aren't too interested in doing business with me--I will call them tomorrow and find out what the hell gives with that!

Now the "5 hour energy" is past its five hours, so I need to climb upstairs and hit the hay.

Tomorrow I will be sleeping in and taking it easy...getting ready for my big day Tuesday--the eye doctor's and then to Providence to see McDreamy.....Lynne will be doing the transporting. Sandy might be out buying me a new car....I hope!

Huskies won in a cake walk today....Tina is really peaking at the right time (as Anne-Marie says) and the team in general looks rested and ready for anything.

I found some more relatives on the internet---through Facebook. They are related to Uncle Abel. I hope to hear from them again...I told them I had more information to share.

Just when you think Facebook is stupid, something like that happens to show it can be valuable.

Nighty night!

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