Monday, March 23, 2009

The Car

HOLD YOUR HORSES on that new car! Sandy just got back from looking at the car (the dark blue one) and found out that the car has 5,000 miles on it! So she told the guy "no thanks!" Of course, to me, 5,000 on a Toyota is still a mere drop in the bucket...but Sandy nixed the deal. Now she's back looking at the light blue one I fell in love with---and IT TOO has everything in it...everything the other one had, but the sunroof...which I don't need anyway.

This morning on the phone the guy said they wouldn't give me anything for my car in trade. When Sandy got up there he told her they would give me between $500 and $1,000 for it. Since it does have some dents and dings (minor) and some damage to the leather on the driver's seat....I'll bet they give me on the low side. However, that's a few hundred off the price. He has already come down some on the light blue the the if we find a little bit lower loan rate somewhere might be very doable.

Will keep everyone posted on this latest adventure. I have to bring the car up Wednesday for them to look at it.

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