Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The latest

Everyone is so antsy to find out about the car! All right, all right already!

Went to the eye doctor vision has "significantly deteriorated" since my last visit. No duh! I will try the progressive lenses and the eye drops he gave me...which he hopes will take care of the "blurry spots" he found.

Lynne took me to the appointments yesterday. After the eye doctor, it was off to Providence to see Dr. Lachance. She took pictures of him and me and some of him, being professional....NOT! I will post them here tomorrow.

My CA125 level dropped again--now it's FOUR! How low can you go? I dunno.....some poetry for you.

I'm planning on the last "big chemo" session for this Friday. After that it will be once every three weeks, to get one drug. I won't get all the premedications stuff, so my "in and out" time should be about an hour! Big change from what it is now. I won't miss the benadryl and the cortisone---one makes me woozy and the other has me flying at a 1,000 mph! What a juxtaposition!

I brought my baby--the Camry--up to the dealership today and they told me that they'd give me $750 for it as a trade-in. Sharon had written me and offered to buy it and I was going to sell it to her---but then I would feel bad if something happened and it broke down or something--Sandy reminded me that it is still leaking oil. So I will say no to Sharon and let Toyota try to sell it to some sucker. I don't think the car is that bad...I've been driving it like this since at least last summer! I love that car.

I did sit in the car I want to get. It's very nice....and comfy. The leather seats are a darker color than I thought they were...I thought they were "bisque" and they are "ash" instead. Small detail.... The trunk is very small due to the battery being back there--Tom Sullivan warned me about that.

Sandy will call the salesman tomorrow and try to get figures on tax and registration costs and then do the final figuring and haggling. She's trying to get it to the monthly payment I want---and she's $9 a month off...I told her that was acceptable to me...but she wants to try to get him to knock a few hundred more off. I'll leave her to her fun.

I figure I will have my ass in the driver's seat of that car sometime next week...probably just as I hit the 7-10 days out from chemo mark--when I have to hibernate! That would figure, wouldn't it? Oh thing I've learned from being sick---patience....well...I'm a LITTLE more patient than I used to be.

Oh....when I'm going for just the one drug chemo sessions, I won't have to do the weekly blood work-just once every six weeks. I'll miss the wonderful people at the lab...sniff...sniff. They are so friendly there......ha ha.

I also won't be seeing Dr. Lachance as frequently...sob...sob...and this time I'm not being facetious. I will see him every six weeks.

I have to go for another damned CT scan next time...and then every three months thereafter. Oh how I hate the CT scan regime....I don't mind the "machine time"'s that lovely cocktail you have to drink.....UGH!

So, now you are up to date---except how we went to the casino tonight with Frank...ate at the buffet and then lost our money in the machines---"making reparations" as Jane Pentheny says....I love that line. We had a good time roaming around, looking in different shops (Frank even went into Chico's with us...we only stayed a few minutes); playing the slots; going to check out the Casino of the Wind and eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream while watching folks go by.

Tomorrow I go for the bloodwork and rest up for Friday. Lynne has the feeling that I will be "good to go" on Friday---bloodwork will be fine. I will take her word for it...she was the one who knew that I wouldn't be "good to go" the last time---she was right! She is amazing.

Nighty night.

I will post the pics of Dear Dr. Lachance tomorrow, I promise!

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Audge said...

I'm so proud of you Auntie Ann! Keep up the good work and take care of yourself!