Sunday, February 1, 2009


I'm bored with it already. I switched mid-half to watch "My husband Has Three Wives" on TLC. I watch that show "Big Love" and have taken an interest in polygamy. It's a fascinating way of life. Tonight they have a couple of shows on the subject.

Quiet day. Carol called this AM and we had a nice long chat. I didn't even mind talking on the phone and if you know me...then you know how much I HATE talking on the phone!

I dusted downstairs and washed the floors. Sandy had vacuumed yesterday, but she doesn't do a thorough cleaning job...she doesn't dust (and I am VERY allergic to dust) and she doesn't always wash the floors. She vacuums...and she only vacuums the "open areas"...she doesn't move furniture to vacuum I do. I wrote to Birgitta today and told her I can't complain about Sandy's cleaning job...she has to do all the work nowadays. Wait until I am capable of doing heavy cleaning...this house is getting a "Spring Cleaning" from top to bottom! I am so looking forward to that day!

I have turned the heat up to 70 in this house. Sandy wants to keep it at 64-68. I'm sorry, but two degrees makes a big difference! I'm sick of being cold in my own home. It's staying at far she hasn't noticed.

Jean and Frank came up this afternoon and stayed for supper. It's Frank's birthday, so we gave him a card with a promise to take him out to the casino for dinner and playing the slots. He enjoys that and we always have a good time.

Sandy made her special Philly Steak sandwiches and I had half of one...boy did that sit heavy in my stomach! It tasted very good, but it was heavy! I had to eat ginger afterwards, to settle my stomach down.

Speaking of you may know...I LOVE ginger. I eat candied ginger, ginger mints, ginger anything.... I got an email from Real Health that says that ginger is good for achy arthritic knees; as an anti-nausea--which I knew; AND has an anti-cancer component! I guess I will continue to eat ginger!

Well...I think I'll hit the hay early tonight...I'm pooped for some reason. I was going to go to the gym again tomorrow, think I'll skip it and do the Wii Fit instead. And my strength exercises with my stretchy bands. Tuesday we're supposed to do lunch at Olive Garden and shop at Coldwater Creek, if the weather isn't bad. They can't make up their minds about what it's going to do Tuesday...we might get nothing...or we might be DUMPED ON!

Nighty night!

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Anonymous said...

Millah ~ Jack here...did you remember to take notes while watching THE L WORD? I still have last weeks episode to watch. Oy.