Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basketball Again!

Went up to Providence for the women's game. Mike and his son were there to take pictures, it was good to see him again. I hiked the stairs twice, (three flights once and four flights the second time)....that was it for me.

Mike Thibault, the coach of the CT Sun sat next to me...he was there to scout Angel McCaughtry, who plays for Louisville (PC's opponent) and a player who is probably going to be in the top three in this year's draft. The Sun don't have a prayer of getting her, they don't have a high enough pick in the draft.

I had to take my hat off during the head was sweating. The media box is in the balcony and it gets hot up there. I could tell Mike was dying to know about my bald head, but he wouldn't ask. I waited until the end of the game to tell him what was going on. He was very nice, asked questions about my diagnosis and chemo. I told him I intended to make it to all the Sun games and that really pleased him. It pleases me too!

The game was close for the first ten minutes and then it turned into a rout. Angel put on quite a show...she had a career-high 43 points. I got to interview her after the game and boy, has she changed! She used to be a pouting baby, she has become quite the articulate and gracious young woman.

At half time they honored former Providence players. When I heard that I immediately started looking for Laurie St. Jean and sure enough...there she was. I was able to catch up with her after the game....and we got to talk about the "old days" when she played for Pam at PHS.

I told her that if she and Kim Belliveau were playing high school ball today, they would be recruited by Geno and Pat, I have no doubt in my mind. They were that good in their day....they would be WNBA material if they just came along at a later time. Oh well...they helped pave the way for the players of today....and I loved watching them....I enjoyed every minute.

I remembered when Laurie scored over 50 points in a game. I told her that Mr. Belliveau tape recorded that game, which she did not know. Ray filmed just about every game. They should get those old tapes would be so much fun to see them!

Tomorrow Jean and Frank are coming up and Sandy is going to make a recipe for Philly cheese steak that she invented....she's making it using filet mignon! It sounds delish!

Oh...Mike told me to type in "Bacon Explosion" in my search engine...he made it today and says it's too die for! Of course it has 5,000 calories in it! Serves's made with bacon and sausage...and more bacon.

Check it may make your heart stop!

Nighty night!

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