Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Check up Day!

Figured I'd write an entry as I sit and wait for Carol and Mark to arrive...we are going to play Rock Band tonight! Wonder if we should warn the neighborhood?

We were going to get pizza for them, but Carol is making pizza and will be the "delivery girl!" YUM! Can't wait! She is a great cook.

Went to get my blood work done this AM...Sandy drove me down there. I thought it was odd that the tech only took one tube and said I was done...even when I questioned her about it. Today was the day when I have my Oncology profile done...I KNOW it takes more than one tube of blood. But, as it was early AM...and my brain was not fully engaged, I left.

When I got out to the car I told Sandy about the only one tube of blood. Former phlebotomist that she is, she starts rattling off the tubes that should have been drawn for the tests she knew were requested. We turned around and went back. The tech looked at the paperwork and realized her error...four MORE tubes of blood were drawn!

This put us behind getting to Waterford to meet Lynne. We met her at Target, I jumped into her car and Sandy headed home to sleep. Lynne and I went over to L & M to see Dr. Lachance.

My check-up went fine...very good. We asked our questions, which we had written up previously and Lynne kept notes on what he told us. The weird thing I found in my abdomen is an internal stitch...and the knot on it. It's a good sign that it is still there, the longer it lasts, the stronger my suture line is!

After my check-up we went over to Jean's to "use the facilities" and then over to Coldwater Creek. I had a few gift cards to spend. Well...I'm used to going to Coldwater when things are on sale....WOW! What a wake-up! I did find some jeans on sale and that's what I bought. I'll save the other coupons for the online sales...which is how I usually shop Coldwater!

Then we went across the street to Olive Garden for lunch. It was delish!

Lynne then schlepped me all the way home to Griswold...what a great pal she is!

When I got home...I crawled into bed and took a two hour nap! Good thing too...I had forgotten about Mark and Carol coming over tonight.

It's been a busy week...yesterday we went to the Sun to the WNBA press conference. Afterwards we went to Geno's for lunch. Didn't go to Barb and Mary's to listen to the game...the roads weren't very good....stayed home and ended up watching it online. GO HUSKIES!!!

Tomorrow I'm going up to UConn for lunch with the work gang. Well...all except Sheila apparently. I guess she must be in Paris or somewhere mundane like that. I can't wait to see the's been like FOREVER! Well...since October anyway. I will sign off...and become a ROCK STAR!! YAY!!

Nighty night!

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Carol said...

You are such a delight, you make my day...............thanks for writing.