Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Monday

I can't believe I said that Super Bowl game was boring! I kept flipping back and forth and it was quite exciting...that 100 yard interception for the touchdown was something!

I did the Wii Fit this Fit Age was only 51...not as good as my last performance, but still below my actual age! My goal is to get it into the low 40s and stay there.

I didn't feel good all day. My stomach gets upset after I eat...which you would think would be a good deterrent to me eating and gaining weight, but I manage to forget this ickiness before every meal! Sandy and I discussed this and decided that I will take Pepcid before every meal to see if that helps. Today I ate LOTS of ginger to settle my stomach down. I love ginger, but.....

I took a nap this afternoon, a long one. I was so exhausted after doing the Wii...particularly the hula hoop event. I was huffing and puffing...shows you how much I am out of shape!

I'll continue to plug away at getting back in shape. I'll use the Wii, the gym and when it gets nicer out, walks around the neighborhood with Bubbles and Lily.

I'm watching UConn play Louisville now...I am so hoping UConn wins and gets to stay at #1...if only because it makes the Lady Vol fans nuts when both UConn teams are #1 and they call Storrs the "Basketball Capitol of the World!"

Tomorrow we were supposed to go shopping with Mary Anne--to Coldwater Creek and then to lunch at Olive Garden. Mary Ann called today to let us know that she has a cold and can't go...she doesn't want me to get it. That is nice of her...very considerate.

We were thinking maybe we wouldn't go anyway, due to the snow that's headed this way. It still remains to be seen how much we will get...if it drifts further east, we could get blizzard like conditions.

So, I get a notice from the Sun that Donna Orender, the WNBA league president, is making a big announcement at the Sun tomorrow....I'm going to get over there to find out what it is and take pictures for Sportspage. I hope it isn't snowing really hard!

Lynne and I will go shopping at Coldwater on Wednesday and then to Olive Garden...after my bloodwork and Dr's I get that "fantasy" fulfilled! I've been dreaming about Coldwater AND the Olive Garden for a week now! I'm so spoiled!

I heard today that Jim Donovan's brother John was found dead this weekend. He died of an apparent heart attack. Here's Jim, going through hell with his chemo...dealing with all of the side effects and the uncertainty about future chemo sessions....and this happens on top of it! Life is so unfair sometimes.... Here I am, with my little side effects and my cancer level dropping....and he has to go through hell. It isn't fair.

I remember Jim and John...but my memory of them is frozen in time...they will always be around 22 years old...which is the age they were when I last saw them. That was 30 years or so ago!

Let's send good thoughts Jim's way. He's hoping that this last session of chemo was his last....and he can start the radiation portion of his treatment. He deserves a break folks...he has so much on his plate.

It was 65 today out and I went and laid out on the chaise on the deck for a few minutes. It felt SO NICE!! I even took my hat off and let my head get some rays...not too much though, I have to make sure my head doesn't burn. The groundhogs saw their shadows today...too bad. I was hoping for an early spring.

Hope we don't get too much snow tomorrow.....

In the meantime...nighty night!


Marieps said...

I was wondering about that bored with the Super Bowl comment. Even I found it exciting!

Carol said...

Jimmy Donovan is FINE with you remembering him at 22!! Wish i knew him then! He's had a really bad week but its getting better. You are so much fun to read & we are not VOL fans even tho we live here, but Pat is the greatest coach!