Friday, February 6, 2009

Chemo....Round Four Finit!

Had a tough night of restlessness last night. I don't know if it's a "night before chemo thing" or if it was the two ginseng I took with supper, or the fact that Sandy snored and snorted and had her "apnea breathing" all night...but I could NOT sleep. And, then just as I would start to doze, some damned dog would get up and want to be let out...or my bowels would scream at me to get into the bathroom! Figures. I did sleep about 45 minutes after Sandy got up to feed the dogs in the morning.

I wasn't so sure this AM that I would pass the blood test. I was sneezing, nose dripping and I was pooped. But, surprise, surprise! I passed! I told the nurse that from now on when I get the bloodwork for the chemo done I wouldn't do it on Wednesday any more...I'd do it on Thursday. One day does make a big difference. Sandy thinks it's the drop in the chemo level in my body from the last session. The nurse thought it was a good idea, so next time that's what I will do.

I didn't have any company in the little room with me today. So, I had CNN on all day and I let myself get sleepy with the benadryl and I dozed off and on all day. The benadryl makes me feel sick and woozy, dizzy. I don't like it to be honest. Sandy and Jean went over to the hospital and got me fish and chips, which tasted great...but the benadryl made me so sleepy and woozy, I couldn't eat very much of it.

The chemo didn't take as long this time. Sandy explained it to me. I thought that with each session I was getting less and less of the chemicals. It isn't's that as they see how I tolerate the drugs, they can "push them" faster to me. So that's what's happening, I get the same amount, only faster. I was out of there by 2:30 (as opposed to 4:30 the last time) and we were home by 3:30! Some diff!

I went right upstairs and napped for awhile then came down and had that fabulous shepherd's pie I had been fantasizing about all day. It was delish!

I don't think I'll take the ginseng tonight....maybe I'll get some sleep! I did have some today--Sandy bought me one of those "power drinks"...Rock Star or something like that. It had pomegranate in it, Vit Bs and ginseng. No bad stuff. I drank only half of it because it had 28 grams of sugar in it! It was pretty good stuff and it did help me get over the wooziness of the benadryl.

Huskies (both teams) play tomorrow...a good sports day for me! Jean is staying with me tonight as Sandy has to work and I am still a bit dizzy. This happens for a day or so after chemo. The knee pain has already started, but the ibuprofen helps...and I remember to use the heating pad...that really helps!

So, I'm over the hump and on the downhill side of chemo. It feels great!

Hopefully it will be warm tomorrow like they are predicting and I can sit outside on the chaise again...catch some rays.

Oh, I ordered a new Tilley hat this week and got it too small...I'm bummed, have to return it. It is a great hat's lightweight, has a wide brim, green underneath to cut the glare and it has a nice vent all the way around the keep my head cool. I am definitely returning this for the right size! I'll post a picture of me looking goofy in this hat...and not caring one whit about it!

Nighty night!


Steve Miller said...

You GO girl !

The "Big Casino" is no match for AnyEyeball ! Now you gotta go to work on that irritable bowel syndrome !

UCONN men beat a fiesty Michigan Wolverine team ..... Now the women need to turn it up a notch against the equally determined Marquette Golden Knights to complete the Saturday night sweep !

Goofy hats rule !

Ann Miller said...

Thanks Wiz!

Both teams continue their winning's great to be a Husky fan!