Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 AM Thursday

Here I am, shivering in the living room, typing in this blog at 4:17AM, Thursday! To bring you up to date.

Did NOT go to casino Tuesday night. I was too tired during the day and despite having a nap...didn't recuperate enough. I called Frank and told him Sandy would still go with him, but he wanted to wait until we could all go...which I preferred to do too. So it worked out all the way around.

Last night was my night to have the Ladies Night Out group over for supper. Lynne was wonderful-she came over early to set things up for me, so I didn't have to get tired. Sandy cleaned the house earlier in the day. I made my chili, put it in the crockpot and took a nap for about an hour and a half.

Sandy went shopping and picked up some of those "5 Hour Energy" drinks...she had me try one before folks arrived for dinner. It kicked in a little before everyone left to go home! I had a hard time falling asleep...finally did and then woke up at 2:30 and lay there for an hour before I was smart enough to just get up. I don't know if this is from the drink or if it's my "night before chemo insomnia"--hitting me a day early!

The party was great--Judy Crawford, Joanie, Harriet, Margie Spinnato, Deb Silva, Dori, Charmine and Pat, Fran and Pat Bourne came. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. Diane stayed home with the sniffles, Robin with the flu and Marge Daly with a cold. I appreciate them keeping their distance, as I don't want to get ill when I'm having my chemo! Someday I won't have to worry as much about germs...I look forward to that day!

Fran brought the quilt that she made, that so many people were involved with, collecting signatures, delivering quilt squares, etc. She read a list of "Little Known Facts" about the quilt--including the fact that there are over 220 signatures on it! WOW!!! The squares were sent to several different regions of DDS, and Central Office addition to my family and friends outside of DDS. If anyone hasn't had the chance to sign it and wants to...they can see me!

The quilt is beautiful...the backing is all UConn Huskies....the front is the quilt squares in gorgeous colors. We took pictures and I'll be posting them in an album about last night on my Facebook page.

Another surprise, Joanie bought me a wonderful, soft pillow with a blue casing on it and the Red Sox Logo sewn in the middle! I LOVE IT!!

Looking around the room last night at the folks who were there, I was thinking I have known some of these folks for almost 30 years doesn't seem possible. Next month is my 30th anniversary of my start date with the state--working at Seaside. I don't FEEL that old!

Today---in a few hours, I have to go for my blood work, meet again with the financial advisor about transferring my tax sheltered annuities from ING and then go over to the Uncas Office for Mortality Review. I'm hoping Mary is working at Uncas so I can see's been awhile. I heard that she got snowed in up in Vermont though...I wonder how hard she's working to get "dug out" so she can go back to work! I know I wouldn't be knocking myself out, if it were me!

Friday I have my 5th (and next last) "big chemo".....and then it's "one and done!" YAY!!

Oh, I recorded the Sox exhibition game last night---thanks to Judy for giving me the "head's up" that it was on...I completely missed that. If I can't go back to sleep soon...I may put that on the tv and watch it.....and watch the sun come up. Sunrise with the Sox...that's not to hard to take.

Really though, I had some animal crackers, will have a glass of milk, and I bet I'll be off to the "Land of Nod" soon enough.

Nighty night!

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