Friday, February 27, 2009

The Good News and the "Bad News"

Went to Providence today for my fifth chemo session....was surprised when the receptionist told me that my name had been crossed out! June, the nurse, came out and told me that my blood levels were too low (below 1,000) and Dr. Lachance wanted me to wait a week to give my body time to recuperate.

We IMMEDIATELY blamed Lynne, who had said she had a feeling that I wouldn't be having my chemo today! She ruined the karma we have going! It is all her fault!

We asked June if we could have a copy of my bloodwork and my latest CA-125 level...which we hadn't seen since my second chemo session. She made copies and that was the GOOD NEWS!!!

My CA-125 level dropped another two points...I'm down to FIVE now! Remember, anything under 30 is good, anything under ten is AWESOME!!

The other bloodwork was not such good news though, my red blood cell count was way down, which means I'm anemic, probably why I'm so cold all the time and why my ass is dragging.

My magnesium level is down and more of a concern, my platelet count is way down too. I have always been "lousy" with platelets--as the nurses at the Red Cross used to say. So, it's good that I have been actively avoiding people who are sick...and I appreciate those who stayed away to protect me.

Sandy says the fact that my platelets are down is proof positive that I AM getting the Avastin (the clinical trial drug) that is the only drug that causes that reaction. As if we needed more proof.

We stopped at the "Middle of Nowhere Diner" on the way home....good breakfast, but too much food! I brought home the homemade sausage and hash browns for another day.

When we got home I was exhausted..and freezing. So I got into bed and shivered (despite having the mattress warmer turned up high) and finally fell asleep--for two and a half hours!

I'm going to keep on napping and eating well....I go back next week for bloodwork and if it's good, I'll have my 5th chemo next Friday. So, I miss it by a week. Big Whup! I will finish up the last week in March, with my 6th one if all goes well....which I think it will. I'll have to have Lynne believing it too...or else I'll be having to wait another week!

My cousin Shirley sent me a card today that is great. This is what it says:

No one said it would be easy
to lose your hair.

But knowing you,
you'll find a way
to turn this situation around
and use it
as a badge of honor,

a sign to the world that
your treatments are working

And when this is all behind you
and your hair grows back,

You'll be able to say with assurance
that every day is a good hair day.

I love it! My sentiments exactly! One thing I have noticed....people don't want to touch my head. I ask people to touch it, to rub it (for luck) and they don't want to.

Yesterday I went to the Uncas office and saw a lot of folks. Two people rubbed my head spontaneously, Charlene and J. K. They were the first ones besides Sandy to do that. I dunno, maybe it's just me...but when people I know have lost their hair due to chemo, I instinctively rub their heads for luck. I guess people are different. I'm an intrusive kind of gal, I guess. I loved having them rub my felt great!

Well...I have to make good on my plan and get to bed early, so,

Nighty Night!

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Stay warm- get a Snuggie!!!