Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Basketball and BRAT diet

Went to Ryan's basketball game---they lost. Ryan played very good...he plays under the basket, even though he's not the tallest one on the court. Taylor was home sick, where she has been since the birthday party Sunday. She started puking as soon as we left--Deb was afraid because she didn't want me to get it.

Puking is something that's going around I guess---Janet and Jess had it too...only worse--like food poisoning...if you know what I mean. I HOPE to HARRY I do not get that!!!

Did I mention I haven't thrown up since 1986 and I want to keep that streak going from here to eternity???

I had a random thought today: I wonder how much tax payer money is wasted by state employees reading this blog on work time? The thought scares me.

I focused on the BRAT diet again today...combining it with the imodium. I know people are probably sick of hearing about this shit...pardon the pun....but I am still dealing with the runs. I don't mind it too much..my weight hasn't gone below 140 so far. The thing I don't like about it is the fact that the worst bouts always seem to come around 2-4 AM...why the hell can't I have them during the day time? When it's bad the cramps are wicked...and I can't sleep. The fetal position helps and so does the heating pad...but I have a safety feature on the heating pad and it shuts off every so many minutes...which wakes me up again and I have to turn it back on. Still that's better than slow cooking my abdomen and doing damage to myself.

We swung by the store and got bananas, I'm going to try them again--we questioned if they had the opposite effect awhile ago. I got a large order of white rice and egg drop soup (for my protein) from the Chinese restaurant. I ate all of the above....and applesauce....oh--and toast.

So there's all the components of the BRAT diet....I'll repeat the same tomorrow. I also slug down the imodium. Hopefully all of the above will work to end the runs...and then it will be time for my next chemo and we start the whole cycle all over again.

That chest thing came back and is intensifying the further out from chemo I get. We don't understand it and the doctor doesn't seem to think it's connected to the chemo--but it might be. There does seem to be a cyclical component to it. That "sobbing breath"...the ones that "catch" are happening more frequently and the bottom section of both lungs feel very heavy at times. It's weird. A mystery that keeps coming back.

I have a media pass to the Providence Louisville women's basketball game this Saturday. This will be the first time this season I'll be able to cover the game for Sportspage. Sandy and I are going to cover the game in February when PC plays the Huskies. Sandy will do the photos and I'll write the game article. It's going to be so good to back "in the saddle" seated at the media table again!

So, snow tonight...figures. I will venture out in it tomorrow to get my blood work done...and to go to Arremony's to buy a loaf of rye bread (yum!). If I "have to" eat toast...it might as well be bread that I love!

Well...I have to go watch "Homeland Security"...I love that show!

Nighty night! Drive safely!

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SueBear said...

1986!!! Some people!!!! LOL