Friday, January 30, 2009

Lynne Joins the Band!

No blog yesterday...I was busy...EXCUUUUUUSE ME!

Got up and went down to Backus to have my bloodwork done. The tech "tssk tssked" over my veins...which he said were all "scarred up." He asked me "what have they been doing to you, poor baby?," which I kind of resented, because I am NOT a poor baby!

I explained to him that the damage to my veins was done over the years by the American Red Cross, when I donated platelets. I used to donate platelets every month. They have to use a really thick needle and the needle had to sit in my veins for over an hour, which is how long it takes to donate. That's what wrecked up my veins...nothing poor baby about it!

Then I came home and crawled into bed, I just felt icky. Lynne called to see what we wanted for lunch and I got up. She brought us grinders and we had a nice lunch, visiting all the while.

After lunch, we dragged out the Rock Band drums, microphone and guitar to show her what it's like. She played the drums and failed...just like I do. Then she took over the microphone and did really good with that. Then we convinced her to try the bass guitar. She failed three times, but we were able to "bring her back" with our playing. Her score was 1%!!!! She got ONE NOTE right!!!! I was laughing so hard, telling Sandy, "I have never seen a score that low!!!" We couldn't stop laughing...and she was all flummoxed.

Then, we figured out it wasn't her fault....Sandy had failed to properly inservice her on how to play the guitar! After she learned how to do it, she did improve her score...about sixty points!

We had a great time and I think Lynne loved the band. I hope she comes back with David to play Rock Band with us again. I'm pretty sure she will.

Then Lynne left and I went back up to bed...wiped out from all that laughing I guess. Got up around 6:30 and just in time for Mary Anne's arrival. She came up after work and after a trip to Motor Vehicles to get her license renewed. She is on a diet and couldn't join us for dinner...but we ate in front of her anyway...she's a good sport that way. We had a very nice visit and then she skedaddled off home to Putnam.

This morning we went to the gym. First time I've been since October. I did 10 minutes on the treadclimber; did some resistance machines; did ten minutes (or more) on the bicycle and then my stretches. I felt a bit weak in the legs after the biking...but mostly I felt GREAT!

We ran errands around town and I got a hamburger from Wendy's...I've been fantasizing about burgers for the past week...the trip to Wendy's cured me of that. Then we went grocery shopping...I stayed out in the car and read my book (Dispatches by Michael Herr). Sandy ran into Nancy Dow in the store and sent her out to see me in the car. Haven't seen her in was nice to chat.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite store, Ocean State Job Lot. I got two more of the "Bula" hats I've been wearing indoors. I really like those hats. Now I think I have five of them...they aren't the best for outdoors in the cold, but for wearing indoors, they are the greatest!

Deanna just called, they moved into their new home today. We have seen pictures of it on the internet, can't wait to see it "in the flesh!" She sounds beat...I know what that feels like. We were exhausted after our move. I remember I collapsed, but Sandy kept going and going, until she got the garage all emptied out and her car parked in it! That's what drove her to keep going...that car!

Speaking of cars, that's my next get a new car. I'm debating between a Prius and a Camry hybrid. Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow I go to Providence to cover the game vs. Louisville. It will be great to be back at the media table again!

Nighty night! See Lynne, that wasn't so bad!!

When I got home, I put the groceries away and

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