Sunday, October 26, 2008

Worked in the yard yesterday...trimmed back the roses and packed leaves around them, pulled up some other dead stuff and generally cleaned things up. Cut b

ack the stuff in the pond, scooped leaves and other debris out of the pond..but I left the pumps in. I'll pull them later...maybe at the end of November.

I had a bad morning...didn't feel well at all and fell asleep in the recliner for about an hour around noon time. I took some of the medicine Kathleen the nurse got me and I felt better...was able to go out and work in the yard.

Last night was a bad one....the wind was whipping so Lily and Bubbles were all hinky...all night. At one point they were at the bedroom door wanting to go out. I got up and went in the bathroom to get my bathrobe, they followed me in there and wouldn't I left them in there (with the door open) and went back to bed. This seemed to do the trick! I think from now on they can stay in there when we have wind or thunderstorms (like we had for awhile last night) going on.

Today I'm in my shorts...go figure. I even ate my breakfast out on the deck....then the sun got too hot for me! I have eaten on the deck more these past few weeks than I did all's nice out there now, not too hot, but nice and warm in the sun, cool in the shade...the way I like it.

Hauled down the Halloween stuff from the attic and put some stuff out in the yard. Found a costume I can wear to scare the crap out of the little children. Too bad Sandy has to work Friday night...she will miss the hundreds of kids that will be showing up I hear from the gets nuts here on Halloween.

Vaccumed upstairs and cleaned up the I'm settled in to watch the Pats play...but I still don't feel stomach is heavy and I just don't feel right. I go to the allergist tomorrow...I have a feeling that hay fever features prominently in my discomfort these past few weeks.


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