Monday, October 27, 2008

Well...I THOUGHT my appointment with the allergist was today...but something told me to go back downstairs last night and check my book before I went to bed. The appointment is for TOMORROW! I swear to whoever, my brain can't keep track of shit!

I got up and fed the pups...let Sandy sleep. She was pooped from the weekend and the long drive back from upstate NY. She and Truman had a successful weekend, but he didn't get the qualifying round they had hoped for...and get the NATCH title.

Once again, my stomach got grouchy on me after breakfast (my protein drink) which I consumed out on the deck in the sun again. I took a nap on the recliner and Sandy got up finally around 11:30.

We putzed around the house, doing odds and ends. She took photos of my abdomen to send to Deb Valin for my tummy tuck surgery. I emailed them to her and she wrote back and told me she doesn't have a printer...I need to send prints. Oh well. She also advised me to get a "binder" for my stomach. Like the trusses from the old days.

I'm praying for another frost...I think that will help with the headache, blocked ears, burning eyes and nose and the lousy ache I feel 24/7.

On a good looks like Obama has McSame on the ropes...and he's going down for the count. I have to find out where we are supposed to go to cast our votes...first time voting in the new town! How exciting!

I keep forgetting...the other night I awakened to the sound of coyotes yipping and howling off in the woods out back. I snuggled Bub up closer to me...glad she was in the house. Sandy said she saw one in broad daylight, right near the entrance ramp for the highway...trotting along (limping because it may have been hit by a car) in the field.

Bub killed a bird today and then Truman got a chipmunk. The back yard teems with wildlife, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and the neighbors dopey yellow boy cat...who insists on coming into the fenced area. We spotted a red squirrel the other day...the Russells almost caught it...this is the first time I've seen a red squirrel since we went to Nova Scotia several years ago. I love them...they are so bold and chatter all the time.

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Marieps said...

Why don't you put your appts on your AOL calendar? That's what I do. Of course I also keep a calendar by my computer because I need that visual as well........