Friday, October 24, 2008

Sandy is leaving for NY today with Truman...their last agility trial of the year. Lily, Bub and I will be "home alone" this weekend. I hope Bub lets me sleep in....I know Lily will!

I made a new Doggie with just holes in the bottom, instead of having the bottom cut out completely...a design flaw of mine. I have to dig up the other one...remove it...without getting too much poop on me...and then install the new one. Wish me luck! It's a shitty job, but somebody's got to do it!

This weekend I think I'll clean up the garden pond, remove the lily pads and other greenery and take the pumps out. I have to get another floating heater to keep a hole in the ice over the winter. The fish are still eating...reluctantly. So, I think I'll stop feeding them...unless the temp goes way up. I also think I will be getting a net to put over the pond to keep the leaves and other debris out. That should help reduce the yuck factor.

I'm kind of at loose ends without having the Sox to watch in the World Series. Oh well...there's always next year! The Pats got bad news, Brady's knee got infected and he has to have more procedures to clean it out. That's never good.

I'm thinking I'll try to get some single game tickets to the Huskies....they are picked to be #1 this year and some wags are predicting an unbeaten season. That would be nice!

I subscribed to Consumer Reports Money Guide and I'm going to throw in tips I've learned from time to time in this blog. Here's the first one: some good sites that offer deep discounts: For Clothing For Electronics (they also recommend samsclub, bestbuy, costco, amazon and circuirtcity

That should be enough to get you started. If you ever want to consult with them on other things, let me know and I'll look it up for you!

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