Thursday, October 30, 2008

I dragged myself to work yesterday AM, feeling sicker and sicker....fell on my shoelace in the parking lot walking in...and that was the last straw for me...started crying.

I went through the training session and had lunch with Dan, Charmine and the girls...and then called my doctor on the way home. I couldn't get them to answer their damned phones, so I drove right to the office. I asked for an appointment to see the nurse today (Thursday)...they said she wasn't going to be there and gave me an appointment for Monday..we I numbly accepted. As I was walking out I started crying again.

I got home and got the message from Olympia that she needed to talk to me about my pelvic ultrasound. I call her and start crying again...she takes pity on me and tells me to come right down and she will take care of me. So I get in the car and drive back down there...her office is right across the hall from my doctor' office.

She checks me out...I tell her that I feel like I have an infection my sinuses, my abdomen, somewhere. She gives me a prescription for my beloved friend, Zithromax, she gives me a big hug and off I go to the pharmacy.

I'm shivering and teary in the pharmacy..they see I need the meds and tell they'll do it right away. I go back out to the car and Howard keeps me distracted for an hour (otherwise I'd be crying in the parking lot, I swear!). I go back in, get the pills and out to the car. THANK GOD I open the packet to take the first two pills right away...they had screwed up! There was only one pill in the packet! I drag my ass back into the store, where they make it right. By the time I got home I was so wiped it took just about everything I had to climb out of the car and up into the house.

Sandy took over from there. I was bundled up on the recliner and fed a nice bowl of chili....I had chili for lunch too...but who cares? I'll have left-over chili for lunch today!

I can feel the Zithromax coursing through my body...making everything right. This AM I even had a great BM...something else that's been backed-up on me lately. That alone would make any Miller cry! We are so regular in that dept...let us get the least bit backed-up and we scream UNCLE!

Anyhoo...I'm still a bit teary...but only because that damned Bubbles has had me get up to let her out and then get up again to let her back into the bedroom three times already this AM! Just as I get comfy in the recliner..there she goes whining again! I don't know what her problem is this morning, but this is a bad habit she's developing!

So, I don't have to do a thing for the next five days...a little vacation. I will have the Trick or Treaters on Friday, but I already told Sandy that she may have to deal with them. When it's time for her to go to bed, the lights will get turned out...not many will dare to come down that dark driveway! That' another beauty of this neighborhood..IT IS DARK out there at night!

I do think that by Friday night I'll feel a lot better with the meds in me. They have never let me down in the past and I have every reason to think the same will hold true.

I hate sinus infections! I look forward to being ache-free....


Marieps said...

What happened to the comment I left???

Anyway, my cogent observation was that you must really have been sick to be so teary because the Millers never cry either.

periwinkle said...

Hugs, Annie -

sounds like it's been a bit of a wild ride lately - I'll be keeping you in my (very positive) thoughts!

Kind Regards,