Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hay Fever UGH!

Hay fever has hit me...and has hit me hard. I guess it's the down side of having an immune system that's working once again.

I have been dragging the past few days and today was the worst. I got little sleep last night, I don't know if there's something going around or if it's something I ate (the thai food at Mary Ann's and then the leftover thai food last night) but something has been killing my stomach. I mean it actually HURTS! Last night and the night before I felt like I was going to puke...actually got up both nights, went downstairs and took a Zofran...that's how bad it was.

Of course the Zofran stops that shit right away...thankfully! But, what the heck?

This was my doctor week. On Wednesday it was seeing Dr. D; Thursday I saw Olympia for my annual gyn check. I had to ask, now that I don't have a cervix, how do they do a pap smear? Answer: they scrape the vaginal wall. DOH!

Friday I traveled to New Britain (New Brit-tain) for my gatroenteroly consult in preparation for my colonoscopy. I went way out there at Carol's recommendation that I see Dr. Sansone. She said I would love her and she was right. Dr. Sansone gave me all kinds of blood work I have to get done and I guess I have to crap in some bottles and have those analzyed too. And, get dairy for a month and then I go back to see her. She thinks I may have celiac disease...or is it ciliac disease. We'll see. This is going to be torture for me as I loves me my milk! And cheese, and butter....

My Facebook pals are very helpful with the suggestions of good milk substitutes and it seems that coconut milk is the way to go. I guess I'll be learning and experiencing a lot of new things. Oh joy.

I will have my colonoscopy in December, something to look forward to after my hernia surgery. Because my innards are so complicated and screwed up now she has to do the procedure in the hospital, not the office. Fine by me. I get to see New Britain Hospital...a new hospital for me.

On my way home I swung by Trader Joes and got my coffee, some great bread and some other goodies. I realized how much I have missed my trips to Trader Joe's and how much I wish there was one in Eastern CT. Charmine and I think Colchester could accomodate a Trader Joe's quite nicely.

Today I was just so darned tired and washed out feeling from the hay fever and from the stomach problems and from not sleeping and from having to get up early to feed that dogs so Sandy could get her sleep....I opted to stay home and miss Secchiaroli's pig roast...something I attend every year.

I did go to Jean's later in the day with Sandy as Jean had a big dinner planned for us and Taylor, Andrew and Ryan. Taylor was feeling under the weather too...stomach bothering her (hence my questioning if there is something going around) and she and I kind of hung out together in the living room, being quiet. It was unfortunate, Jean had filet mignon, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole etc and I couldn't eat much and couldn't enjoy much.

Now I need to stop this nonsense and get upstairs to bed. We'll see if we can do more tomorrow. I would love to go to the fair, or go kayaking or something.

Oh...Andrew has a trailer like the kind I want to get. He will sell it to me. Yay! It has been well cared for and he even installed one of those silver tool storage lock boxes on it. Excellent! Now we have to get a trailer hitch put on Sandy's car, buy the trailer from Andrew, get it registered (he doesn't have a title for it) and we are in business! What business I don't know...but we are in business.

Nighty night!

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