Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Weekend over...sniff sniff....

The Labor Day weekend is over and what the hell did I do in this absolutely gorgeous weather?

Well, Saturday I was feeling sick and very worn down. Sunday I cleaned the house, both floors and dragged Sandy out to kayak and today I slept until after noon, washed my car and then collapsed.

Oh well...I did get that kayak trip in.

Of course, when Sandy and I go kayaking, or canoeing, or anything that involves paddling on the water, we have to have a tremendous spat. It's a requirement I think.

It started when she was tired and hinting that she didn't want to go kayaking. I told her it would be quiet and peaceful and rejuvenate her. She had slept late both Saturday and Sunday after all...I had hauled my ass out of bed to feed the pets and get things going both days. I was a little miffed that she was "tired."

Then things got worse when it came to putting the kayaks on the top of her car. Of course I'm not as strong as I used to be and I've never been as tall as I need to be to reach the top of her car (which is why I want to buy a trailer to haul things), so there's your basic recipe for disaster.

Of course I couldn't hold up the end of the kayak the way she would want me to, of course she had to do most of the work. And of course, I couldn't help too much in getting the kayak tie-downs secured.

And when we got to the put-in point on the Pachaug River it got worse. I still wasn't tall enough or strong enough to help much when it came to haul the kayaks off the car. She kept asking me if the path to the water was steep...I kept telling her to go check it out and see for herself.

It ended with me cursing and saying "I don't know what's wrong with you, I go kayaking with Roxie, Dori, Deanna and Lorraine and Charmine and Pat and I don't have problems....!" And, "this is the last damned time I'll go kayaking with you. I'll go by myself from now on, that's preferable to this bullshit!" Etc, etc.

Rocky and I got into my kayak and paddled off. I really thought she was going to head the other way and that was fine by me, but she and Truman caught up with us and she admitted that it was peaceful out there and very nice. She stopped yawning all the time and had a good time. AND, she had the good sense not to mention my tantrum on the shore, until much later, when we could laugh about it.

Rocky loved the kayak. He immediately headed out for the nose and promptly fell off. I put out a piece of rubber pond liner that we each brought for the dogs to stand on. He stood on that and was very happy to be there. He would venture further out on the nose and would slide/jump off. He liked paddling around next to the kayak. I got soaking, sopping wet.

At one point I let him pull me along with him swimming ahead. We had a life jacket and a rope on each of the dogs. I hung onto the rope and he towed me. It was good exercise for him....and fun for me.

When we got home I showered, ordered food from Milanos and went and picked it up. We ate supper and then planned to have a fire in the chiminea. We called Carol and Mark to see if they wanted to come over but they were planning to do the same thing in their yard. So, we went over there. We sat out by the fire (bundled was very cool out there), made "somemores" and chatted. It was fun.

They are big "Jersey Housewives" fans like we are and we had a lot to talk about what with the riotous "reunion show" that was on last week, to be continued tonight. We are of one mind about who are the heroes and who are the villians on this show. I told Carol that I think Danielle is like Cruella deVille....she agrees.

Now they have a new "Housewives" show...the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"...I cant' wait to see this one. I can just imagine how much $$ they will be spending and how they will be behaving. I watch the DC Housewives (Sandy doesn't) and they are unbelieveable. The only one I like is the African American woman and her husband. The rest of them (well, except for the one who is Arthur Godfrey's granddaughter) are crazy rude.

I know these shows are stupid, but I can't help myself...I'm stupid.

Did I say that I got tickets for us to see Kathy Griffin in November at Foxwoods? Can't wait! I'm going to go online and see I can win a chance to meet her before the show. I truly love her. She reminds me of me in a lot of ways.

Oh...I am totally in love with Louis C.K. I had just heard his name before, had never heard his comedy. Then I saw that he has a show on FX and I started taping it and watching it. I totally "get" him....I'll have to go see him in person too. I hear he's coming to the Sun later this month...going to check that out.

Okay, Carol made apple crisp and there's a bowl of it waiting for me at her house. Have to run over there and get it.

And, my car looks lovely after I scrubbed it today. All set for me to drive to work tomorrow.....YES!!! I'm back to work, baby! Brain tumor coming up! Not in real life, dummy, brain tumor is the scenario I have to play tomorrow at work.

Nighty night!

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