Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Went to the Brooklyn Fair, but couldn't really enjoy it a whole lot as I felt "out of it" all evening long. I think maybe I had too much sun, having mowed the lawn before I went. I did all right in the shade at the fair, but the moment I got in the sun, WHOA!

I did have a great steak sandwich at the Elks booth. The sandwich was made by Mike Brodeur and served to me by Maureen...great to see them there!

The lawn looks nice, all mowed. Also, the driveway looks great. It was sealed yesterday by Mr. Gallivan and crew. The same folks who put in our driveway on Sunrise Street all those years ago...and he did the job for $375....$425 LESS than that shyster who was here last week!

And, the fireplace guy came Saturday and we hope he will be able to start work this Saturday. We have picked out a Mendota gas fireplace we like and he will install it. He will also move the power vent from the furnace into the chimney flue...as it should have been done years ago! Actually, when they built the house they should done it...instead of that stupid, expensive power vent, that sent the oil furnace fumes right into our living room!

Can't wait to see how the new fireplace looks and works. We will be able to use it if the power goes out...so we won't freeze. Not that our power goes out that often or for that long.

This furnace guy has a guy who works with him who brings a tank and runs the line to it. We will just have to find a gas company to come fill the tank.

The weather has been beautiful, but now is hay fever season and it's hitting me, now that I have an immune system again. So, I have to limit my trips outside. I stay in the air conditioning. Big sacrifice.

We are thinking of going to the Woodstock Fair...I'll have to see how I feel. If I'm feeling "off" it's a "no go" for me.

I go see Dr. DiSilvestro tomorrow for my quarterly check-up, will get the results of the CT scan I had last week. I realized this AM when I woke up in the wee hours, that I didn't get my bloodwork done...the CA125....I was supposed to go the lab when I had the CTscan done--but they never gave me the lab slip! So, I'll have to go to Providence again and have that done. Oh well, I'll go shopping or something when I'm up there.


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