Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Clean as a whistle!

Went to see Dr. DiSilvestro today, at Woman and Infant's new Norwich office on Sachem Street. How convenient.

Dr. D. walked into the room proclaiming loudly "CT scan is NEGATIVE!" We cheered.

They drew my CA 125 there and will send it up to W&I to be analyzed. That way I don't have to drive to Providence and the test results can be compared. If I had it done at Backus, it would be hard to compare the results as Backus uses a different scale for the test. My score at W&I might be 2 but a 9 at Backus. I like the W&I scale better...

After the check-up, Sandy headed home and I headed to Foxwoods, to buy tickets to see Kathy Griffin. I got of the midpriced tickets, checked out Apple computers at the Apple store they have up there and then came home.

I looked in my car manual and learned that they don't recommend installing a towing hitch or towing anything with the Camry. So there goes my idea about buying a little trailer to tow the kayaks, etc. with my car. I think we might buy a trailer for Sandy's car though. They have them on sale at Tractor Supply this weekend, and I'm sure they'll be on sale again.

Hurricane Earl is heading this way so tomorrow I have to haul in the lawn stuff and put the potted plants in a safe place. I'm going to haul the potted plants out of the garden pond they don't end up splattered all over the front of the house...I just powerwashed out there!

Jean is sending Frank down tomorrow to buy a generator. They have more to worry about down there along the shore. She figures that we can share it, if we lose power up here we can go down and get the generator. I like that idea.

The man hasn't called me back about installing the gas fireplace. He wants to come on Saturday...I guess that will depend on the storm.

I will be watching the progress of the hurricane as I have an appointment for a colonoscopy eval in New Britain on Friday afternoon. There's no way I'm driving across the state in pouring rain and high winds!

The Sox are done for. They lost to Baltimore last night. I think they are demoralized. They realize that upper management has given up on them...there were no big moves made to acquire top talent to help them make it into the play-offs. Now the most fun we'll have is watching Manny Ramirez and Ozzie Guillen. You know Ozzie isn't going to put up with Manny's shenanigans! This should be great drama.

Well, I'm off to bed. Going to read on the Kindle for awhile and then lights out.

Oh...I THINK I have figured out at least part of my continuing diarrhea problem. I think it's the l-glutamine I've been taking for neuropathy. I had told Shirley about L-glutamine and she tried it and told me it gave her wicked diarrhea. She is someone who also had gastric bypass. I looked at the label and note that the number one mentioned negative side effect is "abdominal distress." It says if you have that you should discontinue use and notify your MD. Well, I have been taking this on and off for almost two years!

I'm going to try to go without it and see if I see improvement. I didn't take it while I was in Sweden and still had troubles, but now that I have added probiotics twice a day to my regimen I have noted some improvement. One can only hope. Otherwise, the mystery will continue.

Nighty night..

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