Friday, August 27, 2010

Little jobs done

Over to Uncas yesterday for Mortality Review. Before the meeting I had lunch with Sue Voelker and Karen Spendolini and the crew. Afterwards I popped in to see if Mary was there and she was! We chatted for awhile until Scott came down for a meeting. Mary was sharing the poop on her great three and a half week vacation in England, Scotland, Belgium and France. They had a great time, made me wish I was going "across the pond" again!

This morning I got up, fed the dogs and Murph and then headed out to Colchester. The "check engine" light came on when I was going to Providence the other day and didn't turn off when I did the gas cap thing. Charmine called me as I was just sitting down to wait, came and picked me up and we went to Harry's for lunch. We had the hot buttered lobster roll...the best one I have EVER had. You should have seen the amount of lobster meat in that roll!

Afterwards she took me over to the Colchester Dog Park, just built this year. It is really nice, looks like about two acres or more for the big dogs and just a little less for the small dogs. They used our "double gated system" at the entry. Sweet.

When she got me back to Toyota, my car was sitting waiting for me. Just needed an oil change, the "check engine" light was "just a history thing" and they cleared it. Something that was disconcerting...they installed the peg on the gas pedal to deal with the "sticking pedal" recall. When I said that I had checked into that went the controversy first was reported and they told me that it didn't apply to my car, the guy says, "yeah, it probably hadn't come through yet." WUH? I thought I understood what he meant when he said it...but the more I drove the more I thought about it and the less I liked his response.

Don't you hate it when that happens? You don't realize when the person is right there in front of you that what they just said is nonsense, or a you can't address it right then and there.

I don't understand what he meant at all. My car has been in for servicing three times since the recall...and it isn't until today that they fix the thing??? In fact, the other two times, they assured me that my model wasn't one of the ones with the problem.

Okay...enough of that.

I got home, changed up and got my new power washer up and running. First time I've used it. Sandy had used it to clean the deck before she put the sealer on. It was my turn to play with it. It worked great! I cleaned the front of the house and washed the fence where it had mold on it in no time. The washer did run out of gas quickly and I had trouble getting it started again. I pulled and pulled on that cord. Finally, I went in the house, got a drink, sat out on the deck with the dogs and watched the birds. When I went back out, it started right up.

I did as much as I planned to do today and felt good about it. No energy drink needed. Tonight my back was hurting, probably from all that pulling on the cord and then holding the "wand" up while I was washing the house. But now I feel really good, physically and mentally sleepy...the way it should be.

My sideburns are starting to curl up...I'm in need of a trim! Oh...and I'm back to shaving regularly. Damn. My eyebrows and eyelashes grew back while I was in Sweden and now the hair on the top of my head is growing faster and maybe curlier. I hope it goes curly like it did last year.

I found my old Army roommate, Hope, on Facebook. I'm awaiting a Friend confirmation from her and it better come soon, dammit!

Oh...the last jobs I got done: got someone coming to give us an estimate on the driveway (the guy who put in our driveway when we lived on Sunrise Street); got a call into another paving company that does a lot of work in this neighborhood and am awaiting a call back from them AND I finally connected with the chimney guy about getting the furnace vented through the chimney chase and helping us convert our fireplace to gas log. FINALLY!

We're on a roll here....

Tomorrow it's the Brooklyn Fair for us...we're going with Frank, Jean and Ryan and meeting Taylor and Andrew there. Like old times. Sunday we are going to Misquamicut...will go later (after noon) to avoid the traffic and stay later to avoid the going home traffic. Hope we can go boogie boarding!

Nighty night!

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SueBear said...

Where's this Harry's with the GREAT lobster roll? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL