Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat Wave!

It's not the heat, it's the humidity! Just saying is all....

Tuesday I braved the heat and mowed the lawn. Did all right, after I figured out that you are supposed to engage the self-propelled feature! I was wondering why it was so hard to push it up the hill! I was sweating like crazy. Then I noticed the handle was got a bit easier after that.

I finished the lawn and put everything away, just in time for the rain to hit and did it hit! Not as bad as in the western part of the state, but does it EVER get as bad weather-wise in this part of the state as it gets in Litchfield County? We can never compete with those guys...for anything!

The flowers appreciated the rain and the humidity...our hydrangeas popped into bloom...all four of them, for the first time since we moved in. Now I know that we have three blue hydrangeas and one white one. They are so beautiful. All my life I have longed to have blue hydrangea...and now I have two out front and one big one out back. I am going to have to transplant one of the front bushes though, they are way too close to each other out there. I heard that other folks had their bushes blooming for the first time in awhile this year, maybe it's because we got so much snow and rain? I dunno, but I hope that they keep on blooming every year.

Tuesday night I had a bit of anxiety when both Carol and Charmine said they couldn't come to New Haven with me on Wednesday. Carol had seen the doctor, who was keeping her on crutches for awhile longer. She is getting sick of this and almost can't wait to get back to work! Charmine's stomach was upset and she had to beg off.

I called around and even posted on Facebook, to see if anyone could come with me. A number of folks had told me they wanted to go to Ikea....well, none of them could come. Charmine saw my pathetic post on Facebook, called and said she was feeling better and could go. Whew!

Not that I needed anyone to drive me or anything. I just wanted to be able to do the things I wanted to, pizza at Pepe's and Ikea, and have someone with me in case I needed a driver. I am so selfish, I want things my way!

We headed out to Dr. Valin's and I got to see the new doctor, Dr. McMillan, who examined me. Charmine came in the exam room with me and we were both impressed with Dr. McMillan. When she actually helped pull me up to a sitting position on the exam table, I was compelled to ask her where she went to school. We weren't surprised when she said, "I did my undergraduate work at UConn and then UConn School of Medicine." We know UConn med students when we see them! We had just been talking about the marked difference in quality that UConn has over Yale students. You might think Yale students, going to YALE, would be better....they are NOT! I'll take a UConn MD any day!

My hernia repair will wait until the fall as I want. She gave me some suggestions for what to do about the diarrhea problem..take Metamucil--which seems counter intuitive, but it's working! I'm increasing my "bulk" in my food and it's helping alot. I know all of you readers are SO INTERESTED in my bowels and are so happy for me!

We got in line at Frank Pepe's at 11:20...doors opened at 11:30 and we got a seat...and a summer special they have: fresh tomato pie with mozzarella, garlic and basil. We split a small one, yum!

Then we wandered around a bit on the sideroads in New Haven....they have changed things around and I got a little lost...but then we found Ikea. I got everything I wanted there...picked up two nice duvet covers for the new down comforter; my usual articles: lingonberries, swedish mustard, rye crisp; wooden hangers (best price on wooden hangers anywhere--8 for $3!) and other stuff. I was happy with my purchases and I am all set on lingonberries, coffee, etc. for awhile now.

As we were leaving Ikea I looked at my iPhone, there were three text messages from Sandy that I hadn't heard as I had shut the phone off in the doctor's office and forgot to put it back on. The gist of the messages: she had a shot at getting us two tickets to see the Sox on Sunday...and she was the first to respond and GOT THEM! We are going to see the Sox!!!

That news really completed the day for me...what a wonderful time I had with Charmine and then the frosting on the cake...Sox tickets!

I was able to drive the whole way and make it home and still have energy to spare, to wash the new duvet covers, dry them, iron them and put one on the summer comforter, all before Sandy came back from agility class!

I have to admit that after all that, I didn't want to do anything yesterday. I sat around, did a few chores, easy stuff like laundry and dishes and I read on the Kindle...I'm reading "Operation Mincemeat" about the deception created by the English regarding the invasion of Sicily in WW2.

I'm also reading a book Charmine loaned me: "Every Patient Tells a Story" about puzzling cases in medicine, written by Lisa Sanders, whose column I read in the NY Times. She is a Yale Med School grad, but we won't hold that against her. It's interesting to read this based on my experiences as a Patient Instructor at UConn and what I tell the students; and on my experiences as a patient in clinics and in the hospital. Doctors don't listen to patients and patients don't work hard enough to tell their story. Bottom line.

This Lisa Sanders is now a technical consultant on "House"...a show I watched only twice, briefly each time. I suppose I should watch it...but I dislike the Hugh Laurie character...a lot.

Today I'll clean, tomorrow I'll run around and get some more shorts for Sweden--I dragged mine out yesterday and have to admit that I have too many denim shorts, two pairs of shorts that I can only match with one shirt each; and too many shorts that are too big or too small for me. I end up with only three shorts I can bring to Sweden...not enough. I need at least two more--that go with more tops!

I also have to pick up a gift for Sandra and a gift for Birgitta and Mats; electrical converters for my phone, etc. and some other odds and ends.

Ocean State has a good sale on bird seed; EZ ups and a personal health (ditty bag) kit by American Tourister...think I'll hit all those sales.

Oh, we watched "The Blind Side" the other night...finally. Great movie. I think tomorrow we are going to catch "Despicable Me" in the matinee at Lisbon Landing. I want to see Steve Carrel's new movie "Dinner for Schmucks" and his "Date Night." Of course I want to see "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo," having read the story.

So many things to little time! I still want to go kayaking one more time before I go to Sweden, maybe two more times. Sandy and I may have Ryan next weekend and may go golfing with him...that would be fun. I have to play around on the computer for awhile, read some more and then get my butt in gear, cleaning this house. It's almost the weekend!


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Carol said...

Just want to say I love your new backgraound!!! Makes me feel cool (sort of) just reading it. We are still in the 90's in TN and hoping it will cool down soon.