Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Busy busy busy!

Saturday was hot hot hot, so we putzed around, took the dogs for a swim in the pool and then I went over to Mark and Carol's to float in their pool. First time I've been in our pool this summer, it was nice. First time I've ever been in the Cote's pool...it's beautiful! The only problem with floating in the Cote's pool is that Porter, who is a 100lb+ black lab, wants to float on the lounge with me! And when I tell him he can't...he gives me such a sad look....

Sunday we were up early and on the road to Framingham to get the train to Fenway. I didn't realize that the train deposits you right there...it was so convenient. We got there a bit early..had time to watch the teams warm up and enjoy the pregame ceremonies.

The weather was unbearably hot and we were seated on the third base side, up under the roof, so we were in the shade, but the air doesn't move as good there as it does on the first base side. We were way up there in the stands but it was very convenient as you could just go up a few rows and you were on a concourse with restrooms and concession stands.

About the eighth inning I got super heated and felt quite ill. Sandy was out hitting the ladies room and when she came back she immediately recognized that I was in some distress. She wanted to get me up and out to where I could get some air but I told her I'd stay there and be quiet for awhile...actually I knew at that point that I COULDN'T get up and move....I was afraid I'd need to be carried out. I did sit quietly and we put water on my head and pulse points and that helped. I was sweating profusely, which is actually a good sign. I got tunnel vision and thought I was going to pass out, but that passed and soon the game was over and we sat and let people all around us leave.

After awhile I did feel better and we got up to go...my legs were quite wobbly. I was right, I wouldn't have been able to walk earlier. We walked to the train station, missing the train by about five minutes....too bad. Sandy left me sitting at the station and went back and got us drinks. She found a G2 for me and that helped me immensely...she went and got a second one for me to sip on the train...by the time we got to the car I was feeling very good.

I think we will take the train if we ever go up to Fenway again. It was so convenient and cheaper than parking.

Yesterday I went to work at UConn...it was only to take an online training session on HIPPA, the state code of ethics, etc....but it was great to be back on the road, going to work and getting paid for it. I got to see only two co-workers up there, Anna and Rosalinda...it was my luck that everyone else is on vacation!

Today I got up early again, to get ready to kayaking. Shirley came over and we headed over to Denise's. Bob, Denise's husband, was nice enough to take down two kayaks for us to use and launched us into the water...sliding down the boat ramp they have for the kayaks! It was so cool! Shirley got acclimated to the kayak and we paddled around for a little while, then her back started bothering her, so we called it a day kayaking-wise and went for a swim.

After Shirley dropped me back home I got changed into my working clothes and mowed the lawn. Sandy has been "letting me" mow the lawn lately. She told me that I didn't have to do the edges, which we do with the regular lawn mower...I was allowed to just run the lawn tractor. YAY! It takes me a little over an hour to do the whole lawn.

Yesterday and today I made it through the whole day without the use of the Five Hour Energy drink. Tomorrow I am going to weed out front, maybe trim bushes in the small yard out back (inside the fence area behind the garage) and then take the dogs to Colchester in the afternoon for PT. Sandy will meet me there and take over. Then I'm going to head to Seaside to meet Maggie McDermott. We are going to picnic down there tour around the place and go for a swim. Maggie is up here from Delaware, visiting her family. She and I usually hook-up when she comes up this way...it's always so good to see her and spend some time together.

This will be the first time in YEARS that I have been to Seaside. Same for Maggie. We both have lots of memories of the place. It's going to be very bittersweet to be there together again.

Sun have taken the Liberty to OT on a last second Renee Montgomery three pointer. I have to stop now and watch the rest of the game.

Nighty night!

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