Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can't believe I didn't write up my trip to Denise's house on Beach Pond last Friday!

Of course I can't believe that I can't remember names of people I'm talking to, names of common household items, etc.

I had the best time last Friday at Denise Lambert's house on Beach Pond!

I went up in the afternoon, sweating from the heat heat heat....I found her place very easily and she was right there to greet me.

Her grandchildren were napping, so she took me on a wonderful tour of the pond in her motorboat. We checked out lots of houses and she brought me up to speed on the renovations done.

Sandy and I had been thinking about renting a house on Beach Pond...it would be so convenient for us, as the pond is not that far from our house. Denise doesn't know of any rentals in the summer and she told me the prices that they are getting for waterfront houses...suffice it to say we can't afford it at this time! There are some BEAUTIFUL places there.

It was nice riding around in the boat, something I don't do all that often. I think the last time I was in a motor boat was when Dennis Waters took Bob Miller and me around that lake (I can't remember the name of it) just over the RI CT line....where Dennis and Kathy have a house. See? I can't remember shit! Is is Lake Washington? No, that's the name of the state park nearby....what the hell is the name of that lake? Anyway, Dennis took us around on his "party boat" for a special Father's Day treat for my Dad. That was when my Dad was 80 I believe...he's 89 now...you do the math.

After we came back from the boat ride, the kids got up and Denise and I took them in swimming. It was SO REFRESHING! I don't know what it is about the water and me this year, but whenever I go for a dip I am so refreshed and rejuvenated. Makes me want to stay in the water.

I stayed in the water for a bit and swam around a little. The next day I felt it in my knees...guess I need to swim more....get in shape.

Denise is so nice and I like chatting with her. Her grandkids are cute, and are nice boys. She invited me to come over any time and I'm going to take her up on that. She has kayaks there, so I could go kayaking by myself, without having to load/unload my kayak on the car. So very convenient!

Sandy and I went in the pool Sunday with dogs, another day when it was hot and the water felt so darned good! I don't know who liked it more, the dogs or me! The dogs sure did enjoy it. Bubbles and Rocky are so cute jumping in the water. Rocky has learned so fast and we think he may even make a good "dock dog" competitor. He instinctively knows how to gather himself to leap off the tucker tote docks we have made for them in the pool.

I told Sandy I would love an above-ground pool out back for us and the dogs. We would put in the 'doggie stairs" for the dogs to get down into the pool. Sandy likes the idea too...she loves maintaining the pool...which is strangely unusual...I won't argue with it. She said we could put a nice deck around as another little party area. That would be nice. I think we'll do it.

Okay, enough...I have to get changed and out to mow the lawn before it rains. If I get too hot, I think I'll take the pups in the pool for a refreshing dip!

Tomorrow I hit New Haven...Dr. Valin, Ikea and Frank Pepe's! YAY!!



Marieps said...

That lake sounds nice! And I'm not even jealous because I'm going up to Maine with Jane this weekend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bowdish? Are you talking about Bowdish Lake? That's not memory, that's nuisance. I only drove past it for half my life on the way to the business.