Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Monday

Well, I had big plans to go to the public access studio today, to talk with Ellen about maybe doing "Hometown Pets" again.

I was all set to get up early, get going and have a busy day. Nope! I woke up at 11am, which shocked me as I had gone to bed at a reasonable hour and had been able to get through the night with only two or three trips to the bathroom. My bowels are getting back to normal.

So, I changed the bed, came downstairs and had my protein shake and set up the deck with the umbrellas and the seat cushions. Then I came back inside and got on the computer.

So much for being busy. I'm not going to kick myself about it, I am listening to Howard, who has been gone for two weeks (I missed him)...and I think maybe it's good for me to take a break for awhile. Later I may go out and pull weeds in the front and do some trimming of bushes out back.

I do have to get the house power washed soon and I do have to pull weeds and trim; and I do have to do other jobs....but somehow I am making them wait. It feels good.

Saturday we went to see the WNBA All-Stars play the USA National team. It was a great game...loads of great plays, mostly on the National Team side....I got to see some of my most favorite players...Big Syl (Fowles), DT, Suzy Q Bird, and Tamika Catchings. Oh, and MAYA! How can I forget her? All of them looked great. Our seats were pretty far up and we forgot the binocs, but we had a great view and were also able to spot folks in the stands and on the sidelines--like Rebecca and Geno and others.

I want to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and the new "The Girl Who Played with Fire"...the movies made of the first two of the Millenium trilogy that I just finished reading. The books were so good....and the movies have gotten great reviews. If I get to see them before we leave for Sweden, it will get me "more in the mood" as they take place in Stockholm and the area.

Speaking of the trip to Sweden...I asked Birgitta if we could go into Copenhagen while we are there and she said sure. We will go to Tivoli Gardens and around the city. A new country for me to add to my list of countries I have been too.

We are just about set for the trip...I got some more stuff this weekend--a new eye mask to wear at night (it hardly gets dark there in the summertime) and a really small, flat umbrella that will practically fit in my purse! Last time I was there it did rain, so I want to be prepared...even though I'm sure Birgitta and Mats have umbrellas!

I'm not going nuts this time packing all kinds of clothes. I'm going to bring a weeks worth and do laundry mid-trip. I happen to know Birgitta and Mats are the proud owners of a washer and dryer!

Lynne reminded me to pack warm clothes--she just came back from Banff and it was cold up there. She didn't have too much warm clothing packed and had to wear the same pants a few days in a row! So, I will pack some warm stuff.

I suppose I should start making some lists of stuff to I don't end up crying that I forgot the camera or my underwear....

See you!

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