Friday, April 30, 2010

Went to the funerals. Made it through the whole day, both days. Saw Grace, briefly, at Mike's funeral. I didn't go over to Helen's house afterwards, it would have been too much as I had to stop at the Tractor Supply store on my way home.

I returned the pole for the Purple Martin house that I bought last had parts missing and no directions...someone had opened the box before I got it. I wanted to do a swap for a new pole, but there was only one box and guess what? Someone had opened it and there were NO parts (just the pole) and no directions!

I got a rain check. Hope it comes in fast, the birds will be in the neighborhood any day now. If they don't find a house, they'll nest elsewhere.

Speaking of birds, the hummers are here. Sandy had one buzz her tonight out on the deck. I immediately got up and put the water on to boil to make food for them. Tomorrow I'll put out the feeders and sit back and watch.

Saw Scott at Pat's funeral...and Rose Josiah and Della Evans. Haven't seen those two in ages. Meghan Stone dropped in when we were out in the parking lot after it was all over.

I didn't go to the VFW for the after service get-together....again it would have been too much and in the middle of the ceremony it dawned on me that I had to go get my bloodwork done! I stopped by Backus on the way home and got that chore taken care of.

There was a good group in the waiting room while I was there, we were all chatting and laughing. A lot livelier and funnier than the group that is there when I go in the AM...I think I'll go on Friday afternoons from now on!

What am I talking? I'm hoping that was the last time in a long time that I have to go to Backus for bloodwork! Next week I get it done at Women and Infants and after that, I shouldn't need regular testing....except for my physical.

My counts are down a bit. I notice some bruises on my arms and I have no idea where how I got them. Also, I cut myself on a scissors tonight and I was bleeding all over the keyboard, and the cut wasn't that bad! So...I guess I still have to be much as it pains me to say it.

Tomorrow Deanna and Lorraine are coming by and we are going to Buttonwoods for ice cream...because we can. Sandy has the weekend off, because of her new job and she is going to relish every second of it...she will be relishing a few hours in the AM as she stays in bed late!

I'm looking forward to planting the seeds I have picked up. I got some seed pots and will be keeping them under the plant light system in the cellar until I'm sure there is no danger of frost..which might not be until JULY at the rate we are going!

I got some roma tomato seeds and some cherry tomato; a variety of morning glories to plant around the arbor; and some herbs etc. I picked up a herb pack and a salsa pack at Ocean State, we'll see how they do...I didn't pay a fortune for's an experiment on my part.

If it works, we have herbs and salsa!

Ooooooh...the Sox are tied in the ninth vs Baltimore. There is one out and two's hoping the Sox can cash in on this opportunity. Of course, the way they seem to be enjoying extra inning games so far this season....

I have a "new" night time routine....I have a glass of wine and two pieces of chocolate to finish my day. Birgitta gave me this in Sweden when I visited and I loved the combo. Tonight I had two Lindor truffles and wine.

The wine helps me sleep I swear. I just have a little glass, but it's enough to just make me sleepy. And that is a HUGE thing for me...who lies awake for hours many a night.

Uh oh...JD just struck out....two down, two on.

Big Papi...can he get it done?

I don't have the confidence I used to have....I don't think anyone does anymore. It's sad,really. But wouldn't it be something if he put it outta there???

Let's watch.....

Baseball is soooooo slow....a beautiful part of the game I think.

Still watching....

More shots of players in the it's 3-1...will he be swinging???

He swung...two strikes....they fooled him....

He got fooled again! Struck out!

SURPRISE!!! We're headed to the 10th inning!

Well...I'll be finishing this and signing off. I'll stay up awhile to see if they get the W...big day again tomorrow...have to get my sleep.

Nighty night!

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