Sunday, April 25, 2010


Every once in awhile I am reminded of how my life has changed because of technology and my use of same.

I'm sitting in my living room, watching the Sox (down 1-0 to Baltimore), texting with Katie in Arizona who is watching the Celts and keeping me up on that game; texting to Lynne about getting together; and writing this on the laptop.

That's just a sample of life here. What got me thinking, and appreciating, technology is the fact that I found an old Army pal, Barry Farber on Facebook the other night.

Barry was one of my bosses at the mental health clinic where I worked at Ft Jackson when I was stationed there. I loved him the minute I met him. He was so anti-Army....only came in because he signed an agreement to give the Army two years if they agreed to leave him alone when he went through his residency. He is a psychiatrist, one of my favorites.

He fought the powers that be about just about everything. Once they threatened him with jail time if he didn't reveal something that was told in confidence. He told them to go ahead and throw him in jail. He stood up for gay soldiers when no one else did. My first impression of him was right on....he was wonderful.

He also didn't know how to act in a military manner and that provided us with lots of laughs. He truly made our clinic like M*A*S*H and we loved him for it. We (the enlisted people) had had to endure some bad crap from some pompous psychologists we worked with...turned out they were the rotten apples when all was said and done.

I am so glad I found him. And he hasn't been that far away from here. He's been working for UMass at Amherst and recently retired and set-up private practice. I'll bet they loved him at UMass!

See...the internets is a wonderful place. I have found old Army, college and high school pals. I have found and been found by, relatives I didn't even know I had....which has led me to go to Sweden once and will be returning there this summer.

I have never been afraid of technology. I've always been one to keep up with the latest gadgets. Not that I go out and buy them right away....I wait for the price to drop and the bugs to be worked out. But I'm not afraid of them. I love it when I can use it to do positive things and to find ways to make it work for me.n't

I can't wait to get that Kindle and see how that works for me....

Oh...I love that Pedroia and Orsillo ad that NESN shows...he he...

I digress.

Okay..Celts have tied the game after being down by 12 or more. I think I'll watch them for awhile and chat via text with Katie about the game.

Sandy is at the agility trial. I went yesterday and surprised myself at how much I was able to do and how long I was able to do it. I told Katie I think I'm finally getting the hang of this chemo thing! Ha ha...just as I'm on the verge of having my last round of chemo.

I told Sandy I would make her grits and eggs for supper when she comes home. Poor thing, she's worked such long hours this week and had to get up so early five days...for work and for the trial. Now she's out there in the rain, working hard for the club. She deserves a nice grits and eggs meal.


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Carol said...

I couldn't have said it better regarding technology...I feel the very same way. I wouldn't even be typing this to you without the advances we've made, since we've never met! And yet I feel a kinship toward you. I love your blog and hearing you share all kinds of things about your life, travels, dogs, restaurant reviews,etc. It's a good thing!