Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday...and I'm feeling yucky. Dunno why. Had a busy weekend, maybe that contributes to it...maybe the pollen doesn't help.

Yesterday I walked the farthest I have walked since November when we were on the cruise! It wasn't really that far...just to the end of the street and back, but it was far for me me. I took Rocky along with me, to go buy lemonade from some kids who had a stand down there--raising money for a local animal rescue place.

It was hot and I sat in the grass for awhile while I drank my lemonade. Came back home and crashed for awhile in bed. Jean and Frank came up later for dinner...we had steaks, corn on the cob and salad out on the deck. NICE!

Saturday I had enjoyed breakfast out on the deck. It was 86 degrees out there, but I had the new, huge umbrella open and it was very comfy out there. I love that new umbrella.

Charmine came by for a visit today. We had a nice chat. I can't wait to get back to work...she was filling me in on some new scenarios and what's happening at work. I really miss it.

The Sox were swept by the Orioles. Unheard of! I started watching the game tonight in full rally mode...hat backwards, shirt inside out and backwards. So far it's paying off....they are beating LA 5-0.

Keeping it short tonight...not much to write and I want to get back to the game.

Nighty night!

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