Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been busy spending money. Bought some pillow cases from Overstock.com. I had ordered sheets from bestbargains.com, but they only come with two pillowcases. We have SIX pillows on our bed! So, I shopped around for "generic" pillowcases and got pretty good prices on Overstock (the site Maria swears by).

Good prices and all...pillowcases are still damned expensive! Why the hell do we have to have six pillows on our bed???

I'm not giving up my pillows. When I was a kid I used to dream of the day that I would have two pillows. I guess I wasn't content with that...I had to get greedy and add two more.

Yes, Sandy manages to "make do" with "only" two pillows!

I've been busy.

Yesterday I got up at 11 AM and cleaned the first floor, dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed the bathroom, scrubbed the sink, windexed everything that has a glassy surface. I would do a job, sit and take a break, work some more, break, etc. It was very satisfying and I slept like a log last night.

Which means I got up earlier today: I rolled out of bed before 9 AM. Today was clean the second floor day...and iron Sandy's outfits for work and do laundry. Did it all, folks! Then I felt sick...took a long nap and felt better.

Joanie Phelps surprised me with a phone call this AM...said she was coming up to see me and bring me something. She came a bit before 6PM and presented me with a FANTASTIC AUTOGRAPHED picture of Maya Moore in a game vs North Carolina. I was so
thrilled and surprised with this wonderful gift! She bought it at a silent auction at her church to raise money for the youth group. It is fantastic and now I have to find a great place to hang it.

Then Sandy came home from her training day in Massachusetts. I made shrimp scampi and a nice Ceasar salad....a simple meal that took me all of a half hour to put together. We even sat down at the table to eat...like real human beings. For too long now we have eaten on tv trays in the living room, while we watch our recorded shows, because of Sandy's old work schedule...we didn't have that much time together so we got into that horrible habit. I'm trying to get us back to the table.
Now that she has a job she can talk about without it being a HIPPA violation, we can sit and eat and chat about her job. She likes the job. Oh, yesterday she took some pictures of her office on her iPhone and sent them to me. I am so happy for her...she has always wanted to have an office and now she has a very nice one...albeit small. She shares her office with another person...as I did when I went to work for the state. But the difference is, her office mate is very nice...not a crazed prankster like my office mate was!

Tonight I feel so good I actually had a glass of wine. A small glass...so I had another. Now I'll take my meds and I will sleep like a baby!

On an ending note, read the names of two friends in today's obituaries. First, Mike Molonson...Grace's brother...who I got to know over the years. A true Gentle Giant. He died very suddenly, but in doing so, avoided a horrible death from bone cancer. He didn't even know he had cancer...and it was at stage four. A blood clot mercifully ended it for him before he could even spend a week in the hospital. I think it was for the best.

The second name was Patsy Dickson...who had the office next to mine for awhile at Seaside. We always had a good time and I have many fond memories of Patsy. She retired around the time I did and I haven't seen her since...I wish I had called her now. I used to go by her house occasionally, but dike didn't feel free to just drop in. I hope this makes me smarten up....and I don't make that same mistake with someone else down the road.

I'll sign off with that thought....I'll be going to Mike's funeral on Thursday and Patsy's on Friday.

Nighty night.


moomag said...

as I did when I went to work for the state. But the difference is, her office mate is very nice...not a crazed prankster like my office mate was!

Whatever (or whomever) could you be talking about? Wondering if I should take offense. As I remember it was you who came up with the pranks - I was just an innocent follower!

Sue said...

In the "who's the real prankster" vein, I should like to mention it was you who came up with an idea that involved some sort of pulley system, a bathing suit wearing somebody or other at a floating desk and the priceless look on a certain nun's face. I know you said you don't remember coming up with that bright idea but the mere suggestion of it made such an impression that I've held onto the memory of that stray thought for the past 38 years! And, I bet all those who know you can just picture you coming up with that!!! LOL