Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today I did something I haven't done since around 1980....I BOUGHT A DRESS!!!!

Yep, a nice little black and white number with an empire waist. It is a little high on my knee, and some of my saggy skin shows on my thigh, but it's a dress!

Now I have to find some places to wear it!

Sandy worked from 4 am to 1pm again today...and she does it again tomorrow...three days in a row! This is getting to be a bad habit! She said it won't happen again for a while at least.

Anyway, when she came home, she took me down to Backus for my bloodwork. I think my platelets are down as I bled a bit after that stick.

Then she took me to Kohl's where we picked out new towels (on sale--half price)...we got three sets, different colors. She is getting sick of "all the blue towels" we have now.

Then she went out and sat in the car with Lily and Truman, running the AC while I continued to shop...getting the aforementioned dress and some more capris and a couple of tops....nice.

Then we traveled up the road to Ocean State Job Lot...and I got my peonie supports, potting soil for my tomato and herb seeds; grape jam to put in the yard to attract the orioles (Pam's tip) and other odds and ends. OH! I bought every thistle sock they had...they charge only $1.39....Mackey's charges $5.00!!!

I also found a feather duster that is on an extension pole, just what I need to reach spots in the vaulted ceilings in the bathroom and upstairs hall. I'm sick of the spider webs I see up there. Tomorrow they are HISTORY!

I took an energy drink to make this afternoon possible...and it worked good. I collapsed after supper. Now I'm vegging in the recliner, watching the Sox...they are doing their darndest to blow this game.

Got disturbing news about my friend Jim who is fighting cancer. He heard from the doctor today that he shouldn't eat or drink again, for the risk of aspirating the food/liquid, which can lead to pneumonia (and death). Jim doesn't want to give up eating and I understand, but I do have mixed feelings about it. I know people who have lived for years with feeding tubes....but to give up food is a huge deal.

It reminds me that I am so lucky that I don't have to make that kind of decision. I wonder what I would decide? Quality of life is so important. What good is quantity of life if you are miserable?

It makes me very sad.

I'm going to close on that note.

Nighty night!

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moomag said...

I've seen you in a skirt (very rarely) but I don't think I've ever seen you in a dress...I want to see a picture of this! :)